Flicker Spectacle – The Fair Artefact

Please click on the above link to go to the set of images created for Spectacle.


The images you should have been able to view with the above link are not presented on this blog in the way I would have presented them having had more time and an exhibition space. I would like to enlarge these images so to give the viewer the impression that they are actually at the spectacle. I would also have a looping sound recording of sounds from the fair playing in the background. This is meant to be a unique view of the fair one that could not be seen by visiting it but a glorification of the spectacle of the fair.


You can see the research for this artefact on the main blog page but these are a few links to specific research links:




I also tried out other ideas and lines of research for spectacle as I wanted to experiment after talking with professionals in the field and following paths of research. I tried to story board and make a stop motion animation involving a pumpkin but I got to carried away with the techniques I wanted to use to create certain effects and did not manage to make the stop motion animation. I did however learn what different images looked like using different tools ranging from blow torches to glow sticks.


I really enjoyed working on both the projects I had been researching for spectacle both whilst researching and also the practice aspects. I found it difficult to stay focused at points as all these different ideas were popping into my head relating to the subject. I was very keen to explore my ideas but found my biggest obstacle was time, I never seamed to have enough of it.

When taking the images at the fair I found it very useful to have my steps planned out so that I new exactly what time scale I had bur did feel impatient at moments. I found it did take me time to get the shot I wanted. I had to be patient with people and the conditions as it did rain over the three days and I needed it not to.

I am pleased I explored other ideas when researching and creating work but am disappointed that I did not plan my second attempt at an artefact better and that I do not have much to show for my efforts, except a now mouldy pumpkin.

I have learnt I need to take the time to think about presentation whilst getting my concepts together as this can be my downfall. I need to also push others for more feedback as currently I find myself lost in my projects wondering if they are working or not. On the other hand I also need to be more confident in my own decisions and ideas. Technically I can achieve things I just need to be more organised with the practical work and research.


1 Response to “Spectacle”

  1. 1 joanneodriscoll
    November 8, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    I just took a look at your spectacle set on Flickr; you’d showed me some of them before, but it was nice to see in my own pace and see some others I’d missed. Some lovely colours and effects, definately captures the idea of spectacle. For some reason as they went through the rainbow nursery rhyme went through my head (“red and yellow and pink and green…) which would be a good sequence, but I don’t think you have all of the colours. I noticed you have a few similar shots too, are you keeping them all in for now or taking them out later? I know your light dancing didn’t work out as planned, but what you’ve done is a great alternative. Wish you luck with your Power piece.

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