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Final Two Photoshoots



One of the major parts of our family life is bedtime, this might sound strange but both my husband and I work so when we get home feed the children whether this is a bottle of dinner we thenhave to bath and get them to bed in order to prepare for the next day ahead. Bedtime is a long process in our house. We spend time with our eldest daughter getting her interacting with our youngest daughter, often either myself or my husband will be on the girls bedroom floor playing with them in between getting their nappies chnaged and into their bed clothes. A recent particular evening my husband was doing it and had stripped down to his boxers because it was late and he needed ot change into more comfortable clothes has he had not long gotten home from work. I cam up the stairs to find our youngest daughter without a nappy on as she needed a bit of time out of a nappy to air and my oldest daughter was trying to get my husbands attention whilst we were talking. I proceeded to use this oppertunity as a photoshoot, its a perfect example of an impression me an my husband will have forever of how different our life is now that we have children. IT was mazing to look back at the photos when uploading them to see the tenderness of my husband and Daughter together and the curiosity of my eldest daughter to her baby sister. I am not sure whether or not people viewing these images will get the moments importants or relevance but as it is my project I felt it was a vital part of the series.

This is a gallery of both photoshoots mentioned within this blog post:


The orginal project I had pitched was around scars it orginated because of my stretch marks that occured due to my first pregnancy, they are very large, purple and hidiouse but in a way I am proud of them because to me they are the result of now my two children, they could have been prevented if the smell and touch of creams such a bio oil and coco butter had not made me pysically sick, but what it done is done. I had orginally in a previouse shoot tried to show these scars but the mononcrome had just not done them justice enough. I set up in the bathrrom of our house as I felt had the best light and I photographed my stretch marks. I was also interested in capturing the beauty of the areola and nipple on the breast as the colour changes both during and after pregnancy. I took about an hour to set up the shoot and take the pictures I wanted. I used a self timer option on the camera to get the shots I wanted, positioning the camer using both a tripod and work surfaces where I felt I could get a better shot using the naturel light resources.


Evaluative Update Where am I?

Keeping Things in Prespective – Evaluating ones goals


I think thats its important to keep track of where I am, what I am doing and how in general the project is going. I feel a little guilty that this project is taking os long as I feel at the end people mioght wonder what I have been doing all this time as I seam to have little ot show for it. To deal with this I have decided to update you all on this to make is clear how my time is spent, how I have been making my decisions and doing work towards this project.

1. Research – Althought a heck of a lot of research and experiemnting was done before Christmas leading to a pitch of a project (well three at the time, then refining it to one). I felt the project needed more devlopment and with guidance on specific lines of interest I have been researching a heck of a lot, this includes getting hold of books, looking online, watching documentaries to get a better understanding in my mind and to tune my thoughts.

2.Research -My research has lead to developments towards the project, this includes time to think as nothing is instant, nothing good anyway. I have also been tryhing out different ways of shooting and putting things together like shots and preshoot planning into my head. Thinking about the proper explination to have a goal to ahcieve and talking to others to gage their opinions about my work. I ahve foudn this particular project a real challange as it has made me have to say YES I can do this and NO I can’t do that for various reasons. I have learnt what I am and am not comfortable with.

3. The Photoshoots – not all of which have been successful and many which did not lead to anything good at all have all taken time to do. Most fo them envolve my children, husband and family and they are not subjects you can get to do what you want easily (even thought that was not the point of the shoots).

4. The editing process – From the photo sessions that have both been planned and unplanned I have not always gotten the shots I wanted or the exact way I planned so I have had to used tools such as Photoshop to edit the images, change the lighting slightly or remove objects/marks that I did not feel were apropriate within that image.

5.Evaluating – I have taken to evaluating my work as I have been going along, going back to look again at my research, editing and decisions I have made, this has been benmificial as I have actualy changed my mind for the better picking out some images on a second edit that I previously disgarded.

Where I am I with my goals?


If you ahve been following this blog you might remember I set myself some goals, I have mentioned these in previous posts. I set these goals to begin witrh to try and give myself something to work towards that I understood, that did not change and that would help me achieve something persoanlly.

my goals were in short:

  • Combine two or more mediums, ie sound, web bases technology with my chosen medium photography and possibly use moving image.


  • Challenge myself.


  • Team Work.


  • Use a step by step approach to working on my project to see the potential pit falls beofre they happen so not to get trapped.


I set these goals up at the start fo the academic year and a lot has changed it a year, these were not ridgid goals but they were something for me to consider whilst developing and working on my project. I came into my second year knowing only one person so I found I could not merge into groups that easily. I was interested in photography and new media technology as this had taken my interest during my second year and photography can tend very much to be a solo thing unless there is a specific group project.

So what have I done so far and what have I not in relation to these goals? Well I have not worked in a team to create my final project, althought I did attend the photography cluster (except towards the end when my second daughter decided to make a early apperance). I did not find anyone who I was interested in working with and I foudn the clusters came into late I was expecting to be introduced to more people first before everyone presented and decided on there projects. I think it was harder for me as I did not know anyone due to taking a year out to do this project. I did however take a step by step approach to my project, by using this blogging process and I have to admitt a hand held scribble diary I foudn it very useful to note down thoughts, decisions and discussiong points and I could discuss with myself points I needed or were thinking about before I completed something and did not like what I had done and needed to start over. I orginally decided to combine sound with photography but have since decided against this as I feel it distracts from the audience relating to my work in their own way, making their own assumptions. I have challenged myself during this project, I have had to make tough choices, this project has not turned out the way I thought it would but then if it hads I do not think it would have expressed my way of thinking or thoughts.


Is My Work Good Enough?

Standing Up & Development of Project


I want to be confident and say that my work should be able to stand up alongside current artists who are currently out there leading the way in modern photography. Carucci, Mann and Olson (Artists I have previosly blogged about) have not used sound bites to accompany there work to make it great, interesting or meaningful so why do I? An orginal goal I had set out was to combine mediums to enhance my work further, by using sound I felt I would be bring another element to my project so taking it to another level. But my recent question is by planning this way am I ruening it, one thing looking at other artist has lead me to believe is that simple is not boring. I want  people to be abel to relate to my work and be able to feel connected to the focus not be distracted by thoughts (sounds) I have put into there minds and words or emotions that are not theirs. I started thinking about this because I was watching an NSPCC add and then I saw another one from a while back that I had accidently recorded a long with something else. One had just music and the other talking. The one with just pictures and less words I felt was more affective and emotional than the one with more chatter as you were not distracted by what the words were saying.

I found the following on Youtube to illistrate my point. Anothe reason I am thinking of removing sound from my piece is that I do not want it to sound fake or forced.

You can odviously tell the above are actors which makes it less believable and I don’t feel its as affective,I did not get the point or feel an emotional responce to the piece.

This is a big decision for me as a am tossing and turning over my thought process on this one as another part of me feels the audience need some kind of guidlines/explinations. For example my mother and quite a few of my friends who I would consider my peers do not understand or like Carucci’s work. They like the old Masters paintings with nudist figures by more becasue they feel a need to respect them. I know they are the products society as they see Carucci’s and other artisit suck as Tunick’s work as going down a taboo subject, I mean Tunickj gets arrested as stripping in public places is against the law in America, England to I think, might have top look that one up? The point I am making as sometimes I think people who are struggling with how they feel the should conform to society even as far as to what they should find offensive and what they should not, need a life line to relate, some words something to link what they see to something theyt can relate to even though they should be able to relate to that image but there brain just will not let them, the revolution or instict to find offence kicks in, its like a power over them, they can’t help it.

I know I am getting rid of the sound but should there be something, words? Is the title enough, should the meaning be in easch individually named image? Do I accompany them with some history, a poem some kind of thought behind the image?



Title:                    Impressions

Description:      Moments captured from one family group depicting the pysical and emotional elements of life as a family, private moments that outsiders of the family would never see, moments that leave lasting impressions on the family.



Another Photoshoot

Working to Brief


I now finally feel like I know what I am looking for and doing. In my second year I had a module with Jonathan worth and he gave me some excellent advice, just keep shooting untill you can see a project forming. I knew I wanted to do a photography project, I wanted to make something that other in my degree year might not. I was held back by the fear that people would be disgusted by me but then after researching people such as Spencer Tunick and watching his documentary called Nakid states I felt a lot more ready. However I felt I could not work with models or other as I would not get the shots I wanted because I would not feel comfortable.

These are sopme of the images for another photoshoot I have done wiht my daughter. This shoot took place in our bathroom, she is a filthy eater and often has to be bathed after her evening meal, I assume this is an ordeal many parents go through so I decided this was a moment we should document as part of my impressions project. We are currently tryingto get her used to the shower so instead of bathing her we run the shower over her letting her get used ot the sensation and play with her toy, making water, fun and exciting and so far its working.


The title



I mentioned a while ago in a post that I had decided that the old title did not work for the project and I wanted to call it something that would better fit the project.

I have decided to call it Impressions.

I have felt that it is very important for this project that the name reflect the project but in a way that does not let you understand the project without relating to it.

I got the idea of using a simplistic name through thinking about how Curruci named her latest project and her previouse projects. Carruci’s latest work is called ‘Intamacey’, I found an interesting article by Sean O’Hagen from the, he discusses Curruci’s work stating that “It appears, at first glace, to be a diary of the everyday intimacies of an extended family. Often, though, the subjects – in particular, the men – seem acutely aware of, even uncomfortable with, the camera’s relentless gaze. The children, who have grown up in its presence, seem more relaxed and playful. Perhaps this too is evidence of the camera’s persuasive power.” O’Hagen then goes on to say that Carucci’s photographs ask many questions about the nature of family life and its often-overlooked intimacies.” As I read through the article I found another really interesting statement by O’Hagen, he stated that “often what her images exude most of all is a mood, whether it’s her father’s stoical embarrassment, her own bliss in being pregnant, her children’s anger or curiosity, or her and her mother’s ease in each other’s company. Intimacy is exactly the right word for this intriguing show.”

You can find the whole article at

These are a selection of images from Carucci’s latest work Intamacey.

I had already questioned the name of my project as if I am honest I had just thought up a name for the previouse project without any indepth thought, research or anaylsis. So I have brain stormed and I came up with the names, Scars, Afterbirth, Stretch Marks, Untill they grow. I decided that thes enames were not what I wanted. As I already mentioned my goal with the title is for it to reflect the project but for it not to alow the viewer to understand it without relating to it.

I also had to think about the pitch I am working towards and my own personal goals.

I set my personal goals at the start of term, I a not going to be unreasistic and say that I can achieve all of them but I believe setting some kind of goals for myself would be a way of keeping myself in check and motivating myself. After all when you decide you want to bake a cake, you decide what kind of cake it should be and you set yourself that goal, it might not always turn out the like the amazing tripple chocolate fudge cake you imagined by you did what you could to get it there and next time you will do better and make changes to get it to the cake standard next time.

My personal goals were/are:

  • I want to combine mediums, I want to produce  piece of work that combines two or more things like light and sound or photography and moving image or sound moving image and photography etc.
  • I want to do something that challenges me whilst enjoying the work I am doing.
  • I want to be able to work with others during the project. Working in groups is something I need to work on.
  • I want to be able to build up the project step by step so hat I can see where I am going wrong before I get to entangle that I can not remove the affected section of the work.

The pitch that I orginally pitched had been further developed and changed due to new research and thought on the project so its different from the orginal pitch. The project is now:

Photography with web-based element.


A series of photographic portraits that focus on emotional and pysical elements after becoming a parent. These will be viewed as a web gallery. The focus is on one family group going through their daily life seing moments from their life moments of time which would normally not be seen by the outside world. 


I decided that a title had to have meaning to reflect the project. I then started thinking about what we learnt when we first started at university in 100MC, words only have meaning because we give then meaning ad meaning helps us relate, turinging that on its head images are given meaning by the words we associate with them we understand what something is or what it is like by its description helping us build a visual picture of what we are seeing so we can understand and realte to it. That gave me the idea to look up the word impression.

According to the Cambrideg Dictionary

impression noun ( OPINION )

An idea or opinion of what something is like
I didn’t get much of an impression of the place because it was dark when we drove through it.
What was your impression of Charlotte’s husband?
I don’t tend to trust first impressions (= the opinion you form when you meet someone or see something for the first time).
[+ that] When I first met him I got/had the impression that he was a shy sort of a bloke.
be under the impression
to think or understand a particular stated thing
I was under the impression (that) you didn’t get on too well.
He was under the mistaken (= false) impression (that) you were married.

According to The Free Dictionary –

Impression [ɪmˈprɛʃən]

1. an effect produced in the mind by a stimulus; sensation “he gave the impression of wanting to help”

2. an imprint or mark produced by pressing he left the impression of his finger in the mud

3. a vague idea, consciousness, or belief I had the impression we had met before

4. a strong, favourable, or remarkable effect he made an impression on the managers

5. the act of impressing or the state of being impressed

6. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Printing a.  the act, process, or result of printing from type, plates, etc.b.  one of a number of printings of a publication printed from the same setting of type with no or few alterations Compare edition [2]c.  the total number of copies of a publication printed at one time7. (Medicine / Dentistry) Dentistry an imprint of the teeth and gums, esp in wax or plaster, for use in preparing crowns, inlays, or dentures

8. an imitation or impersonation he did a funny impression of the politician

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

More than one of the definitions for the word impression convayed what my project is about, O’Hagen said that Carucci’s title defined what the images and the project was about in fact looking at other works by Carucci I would say that a lot of the collections she has produced are joined together and defined in a way by the title.

This is an image from one of her other collection called Closer

So the project I am working on is:

Title:                    Impressions

Description:      Moments captured from one family group depicting the pysical and emotional elements of life as a family, private moments that outsiders of the family would never see, moments that leave lasting impressions on the family.



Project and Personal Issues Affecting This Project


Issue 1 – I have to find employment as the student funding is now over and I need to be abel to support my family. The main issue being that financially I can not aford to be home working on my project as I need money to have help looking after my children as it is not easy to look after two children and complete a final degree project.#

Issue 2 – Having one child under 3 months and a 13 month old running around has made it very difficult to get project work done. It has been made easier now that my project focus has shifted to my fmaily, which was a project development and not an easy way out (just incase anyone is wondering) so work has not been going fast or well.

Issue 3 – I have not decided how to present my work. I have been thinkgin about getting it done as a book, but in my orginal goals I wnated ot use either sound or web technology in conjunction with the photography. A web gallery would be a great way to do this as I could control the way in which it was viewed.


Issue 1 – I don’t really have a choic e but to go back to work, what I am goingto do is try and fit my blogging in around work and getting evereything else done at home, we will see how this goes??

Issues 2 – Its really the same as above, I am going to keep trying but I felt it was important to note down that I am having these issues

Issue 3- I have a programme called Web Plus 10 and what I intend to do is get this up and working and try and develope a website and see how that goes.




Style and Editing

All of the photographers that I have researched have had a certain style I think that this is parcially to do with the diting of there work, not every shot they take makes it into public view. I am still sorting out my project but I wanted to take another look at some of the photgraphes as I have decided to continue down this line of photography with my family as I think some of the photographes are good and some are not.

 This shot is one that I particularly like, I like the moment it capture of the chjildren together, I shot this using a digital camera in monocrome as I felt this affect would be more gently. I was not intending to be harsh with the colour but wanted to highlight the actions, the moment captured.

 I actually planned this image, it was supposed to show the affects of child birth on a mother but ofset the harsh affects of muscle relaxation with the image of the child. I am not sure it quite works.

I want to get a different kind of affect with my photography I want to use the camera for its strengths and work with the fact that the camera can not replicate what the eye sees.


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