Memory Project


The following YouTube post is my project for memory.



This project was a trail and error project for me, I did not feel confident using a video camera and I was even less confident using editing software. Thanks to encourage ment I have made this project, it’s not perfect but its a stepping stone and thats how I am choosing to see it. I will pick it apart and tell you the down falls of it but I want to praise it for just a second as it started as just an idea I thought I could not even attempt and now I have started I have a lot of option ahead of me.

I used a Px40 camera and Windows Movie maker to edit the footage, it took three attempts to understand correctly how to manipulate the software and import the appropriate files and sound but I managed to do it. I also took sound that was recorded over 50 years ago to rule out any copy right issues when posing it on YouTube.

I wanted to create a piece of surrealist film that reflected the simplest vision of a babies first christmas memories. Not one person in my family can remember anything form there first christmas and the earliest memories they have of any Christmas are of what present they got, yet we all have our feelings of how Christmas should be and the way the decorations should hang and that warm fuzzy feeling when the lights get turned off and the christmas jingles come on in your living room (or I do anyway). Basically what I think I am trying to say is that the first memories that come to the surface when asked are as we have been discussing commercially constructed memories, ones that were bought and paid for not the feelings, or smells or tastes. However we strive for christmas in our own individual way because of these buried subconscious repressed memories of the way christmas was conducted in our childhoods. I am all the more aware of this at the moment having a 6 month old Daughter and want her to remember Christmas in a certain way.

The video is meant to be like a spit into the eyes of a child, you are jerked into it and jerked out of it quickly and without warning, you have no time to say why am I seeing this or why has it gone. I also choose the sound because it is a familiar Christmas tune/rhyme that most adults have heard and remember hearing of being told as a child.


Influences and Research

The research for this piece comes from a variety of sources. I think that the research I did into Hockney helped me think about perspective, where am I looking at this subject from and who is viewing it? I also Have been very interested in a technique called Painting with light and you can see in my blog started with looking at Photography for this and later in the blog have moved on to looking at what people have already done with Moving image, including work with light trails and Traffic Trails. Due to time constraints I have not researched this further yet or experimented with them but I am working towards it.



Now that I know I can work with moving image I would try something more adventurous, like experimenting with the shutter speed to see what kind of effect I can get following my research with Painting with Light, possibly moving towards Transport Photography. I think that again time has been my down fall as I have not had enough time to experiment with the work I have been doing. I also think that it is a very short piece and that I could have lengthened it further and developed the idea of the childs perception of christmas further by perhaps looking at other aspects such as presents, Santa Clause, television or family gatherings? The actual artefact sound needs to be improved as it goes up and down but the song I chose to acompany the images starts really slowly and I wanted to have some background noise going on but I should have found a away to make it sound better. The cuting from the tree lights panning camera shot to the view of the hanging decoration is a bit sharp, I orginally wanted this to be like a blinking movement but when putting it together I had trouble doing it, managed it then had to redo it to get the sound to work with it and forgott to add the affect that would allow it o seam like blinking. I think this lets down the overall feel of the piece and simple things like that could improve it a lot. In reguards to lengthening it I would have used the same out of focus look but given it a more definate narrative as the out of focus affect is surreal enough without the lack of a narrative that there already is. Moving forward I would like to continue thinking about perspective and thinking about different ways to interpret the idea of prespective, not just visually, possibly culturally but this is something I will need to think through.


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