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In My Bubble

Escape plan from the bubble…

(Reflection on my thought process and work over this term so far)

I have been thinking, trouble I know. A lot of the ideas I seem to have and my thought process revolves around come from within my bubble, what is my bubble well its my life and the experiences current in my life. I use my life as a sounding board for my work, for the thoughts I am researching. It seems to be limiting me!

Another thing I have noticed about my thought patterns and work is that I have great ideas but I do not follow through with them and I stop thinking about how to make them work because I do not feel confident with the technology the should be used to make them. I alos get boarded because I am not passionate about what I am doing, a lot of the time we pass through many subjects in our lives that we just have to deal with in the course of getting from A to B, examples of this are children, work stresses, holidays etc.

I have been limiting myself by thinking of what I can actually achieve and what I have easiest access to. What I am not doing is looking at things from a different angle, I’m not saying to myself ‘Hey never tried this beofre on this subject why don’t I give it a go!!’ What I need to be doing is changing my intake of information so that I can think wider thoughts so that I have a larger pool of thorughts to draw from. 

I have compiled a list of things I am going to try doing or thinking about!:

  • collaboration with actors/dancers/other artists
  • collaboration with MA music composition student. (Recently got Nicholas Peters contact details)
  • Think about a wider theme, what am I interested in what would I like to play around with??
  • Experience new things to get my mind wondering!

I don’t know if this will lead to an exciting new thought process but I am willing to give it a try as I am tiered of failing, even though at the moment it doe snot seam that I am failing but more trying different avenues/techniques and seeing what works for me. I am sure Picasso or Hockney did not get it right first time.


Stopmotion Animation Trial and Error

Try and try again!


After the recent research I have been doing on Stop motion animation I have been having a go myself, not every thought I have had has been successfull.

THe first idea I had been intending  to create a surrealistic fun animation based on my feelings around the memories of my wedding. Using play do and pieces of materials and different items from my wedding I was going to simulate a swirling effect of items in a sequence matching my thoughts on the events of the day. I was going to add sounds to the piece including my voice talking, voicing my thoughts and music, the sound of the music box I had a t my wedding and a background bustle of people, with moments of silence.

I started by making the play do into lips which I was going to simulate open and closing mouth movements with and eyes which were going to move a s the swirling items went round the play do face. I then gathered bits and bobs and started with the pictures. I had not planned very well and get easily frustrated with the models I had made as they kept breaking up and causing issues like staining the backing material I was using to lay the items on. I also just was not enjoying  it and am concerned that I need to enjoy the project I am doing.

Lets try again!


So I decided to abandon my previous ideas and project and try a simple stop motion to get myself going. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 year and married for 1 and 1/2, each year on valentine’s day he buys me a tear drop rose, one of the really tacky ones but its a tradition and I love it. He also buys me the wooden roses where ever her sees them as he know I don’t think to much of jewelry but the wooden roses I love.

I decided to tray and play around with this and simulate my growing family by using these roses. I decided to have a rose for myself, my husband and my daughter and make them grow. I did this and even thought it is very simple and small I am pleased with the result.


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