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Rosanne Olson



Since making the decision to develope this project furtherI have taken some time to do some more research. I wanted to get more inspiration and look again at artists but also take some time to think about other artists who contribute to modern art culture.

Rosanne Olson

Rosanne Olson – an inspiring women who has created amazing work.


The above link is an exert from her book called ‘this is who I am’. It is an amazing book, I found it in the local library and have renewed it many times and am sure I will unill this project is over. It is a combination of amazing photography and thoguht provoking essays which I assum are by the subjects of the subjects. The book is al about how we see our bodies and the stories surrounding our thoughts towards their bodies. What spoke out to me the moment I looked through the book was that these women were beautiful but then I ws in the gym the other day I did not have the same thought about myself or some of the other women their. I have had two children and my stomach is not flat like it used to be and their are now marks where the smooth skin used to be is all I could see. I sitll have a long way to go to see myself beautiful but I don’t have half the problems some women do which is why this book is therapy/art and pure emotion. ITs VERY inspiring!!!!


The above two images are images from the book.. if you think this is amazing you must see the book, the way she has captured the subjects is amazing. Looking also at Olson’s blog it was clear this book is a labour of love this book meant a lot to her, it was meant as more than just a piece of work, she has amazing passion for her cause.

I decided that I could benfit form some advice form her so I decided to ask her, by e-mailing her and we will see if we get a respnce:

Dear Rosanne Olson,
I am a mother, a student, a wife and a job seeker. Currently I am coming towards the end of my final project for my degree. The project is a photography project, it currently under development as it started out at me looking at peoples scars and body image when dealing with something that’s different like port wise stains, odd moles operation scars etc. After some advice from a lecturer I have developed it to the point now that its more specific, it is focusing on the physical and mental changes after having children – it developed into this because of the physical changes that happen to the body during and after pregnancy.
Your work on the book ‘this is who I am’ is one of my biggest inspirations because of the relationship of the images and the text, the emotional content and the sheer beauty of the photography. I would love to ask you a few questions if you would not mind giving me some advice?

Did you interview your subjects, the do the shoot and then write up part of the conversation or did you get them to write something in response to the images?
How did you put your subjects at ease when shooting in situations where they might have felt uncomfortable?
How did you get your subjects in the first place?
Thank you for any answers you feel able to give i responce to these questions. I do have a blog that I am writing up following this project but I am pretty behind and most of it is in draft but this is the link anyway:
Again even if you can’t help thank you

Many Thanks
Charlotte Gunn (Charlie)


The book has been produced beautifully produced, it makes me wonder if by oding it online if I am making the right choice, I think I might investigate books just to be safe as I don’t want to come to the end of the project and someone say to me ‘Oh it could have been better as a book’.

By doing more reserach I feel good but alos bad because I feel like I am questoning my passion for this project now and I am not sure I want to many other models involved.???



After thoughts….

Moving Forward


Research and development of the final project – what I am currently planning.

You will notice that my blog has been a little empty recently. An explination for this is life, its not always easy to fit everything in and write about it too. If it occurs to you that I might have been resting my feet infront of the television watching Celebrity Big Brother you would be very very wrong.

For start I hate Big Brother Celebrity special or not! The second is with a family and one member under 1 year, a job and travel time to University you do not get much time to put you feet up needed or not. I can give you a long list of recent events but this post is dedicated to moving forward and this is exactly what I intend on doing.

Recently we presented our work and research for the moduel 310MC which allowed us to research and develope creating artefacts along the way to towards our final project. I had been researching and working towards 3 different ideas and presented all three of them during the presentation.

During this presentation I was asked to tell the audience which project I was keenest to work on and I said STAMP.


Gallery Exhibition with accompanying web gallery

Moving image, Photography and web-based element.


A series of photographic portraits that focus on unusual or usually unseen marks on the bodies of people, scars, moles, facial & bodily mutations/mutilations. I would like to have these viewed as separate images but would also like to have a representation of every section of the body and make a collage  including some moving image in this collage.

The idea behind this is that things that happen in our lives often leave marks on our bodies some which we can not hide and other which we can. Our bodies are visual roadmaps of events in our lives, changes we go through or put ourselves through. Programmes on television such as embracing bodies talk about issues and subject our current social oder makes us believe we should not discuss in public and this is the same for the visual content of the world. But why should we be ashamed of the difference/history our body can show.

The reason I am so interested in doing this particular project is that a lot of the time in life we as a society/ culture look on the negative side a lot, especially when it comes to personal apperance. We often do not appreciate the differences in ourselves and each other. We also do not appreciate what our bodies do for us. When I was expecting my second child I could not stand the smell of bio-oil or coco butter and hate the texture of creams and lotions so I have ended up with stretch marks on my stomach and upper legs. For a while after she was born I hated them but now having my second child I realise they are a lasting reminder of the beautiful child my body has given myself and my husband. Things happen in life, a lot of which we can not control sometimes these are life saving/life changing like oppertaions and others are proof of life like c-section scars and some are reminders of past evens like victims of land mines or amputations.




My inspirations for this project are varied but some of the research you can look back on in my blog is by photographers such as Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Elinor Carucci and David Hillard.

Moving forwards with the development of this project I am going to visit a couple of different galleries in London including an the James Hyman Gallery where Carucci is currently showing her newist body of work called Intimacy. She is showing untill the 20th of February. I also plan to visit the National Portraite Gallery.

When at the different galleries I am going to be looking at a few different aspects:

The Art work/photography: What do I think about it, what does it say or speak about?

The Presentation: How is the work presented, does it draw attention to itself in some way, does the positioning of the work matter?

The Layout: How does the exhibition or collection of work flow, are there stories to be told patterns to be recognised, is it in a timeline?

The Promotion: How has the exhibit, collection been advertised and promoted, what is drawring the people in?

One thing I have been encourage to do if to see if I can meet up with Carucci to ask her about how she works, what her inspirations are and generally meet someone who has inspired my work. I am assuming she is in london as her collection is but I understand that this might not be the case but I am going to try contacting her anyway, I’ve got nothing to lose.

As soon as I have been to london which should be before the 20th of February I can start to think about how I would liek to place my work, I am hoping that this will allow me to have a more focused approach to the particular shots I want to get.


Practical Work


One thing that has recently struck me is how am I going to get models for the shoot, I decided to ask someone with a bit of experience so I phoned a photographer called Jane Wood. Jane has a wealth of experience at both creating amazing photgraphs and organisational skills as she ran a studio for over two years. I asked her and she helped me think about the different option I have:

Put an ad out – The good thing about this is that it would reach a lot of people, the bad thing being that people might be put off by the idea of being a model who shows off there wobbly, scared hidden bits. I woudl need to research this and find out costs, the right words and audience. I also could think about offering to pay people for there time, but I would need to sort out if this is hourly paid or a one off sumb?

Ask your friends and family – The good things with this option is that friends and family are more likely to be willing to help you out, but the bad side is you limit the pool from which you choose your subjects, but this does not have to be my only option.

Contact local groups/charities – This could mean I could get a range of people and some more than other might be interested in working with me, I coud also dedicate any funds raised at the event to the local charity I get in contact with. The good thing about this opption is that I coudl target specific groups like cancer patients, or war survivers or something along thoes lines.


I have also been thinking a lot about composition and format for the project. I ahev a cannon 450D, should I use this digital way of shooting photography, I am keen to look at working with a macro lens, getting close to the subject and shooting from a different perspective to achieve a different view from what would be automoatically expected. I need to find otu how much I can enlarge with this method of shooting? I want these pieces to be big, blown out of perportion to the human body, abstract from the orrginal subject, so should I then shoot this differently. I despiratly need some guidance re this, is large format better? If so what kind of camera do I need etc?



What I am sure of so far is the following:


The images are going to all be parts/sections of the human body. I want some of the images to be abstracts, I want the audience to have to think about what part fo the body it is because the perspective of it is so different and set apart from the usual way in which we would view it. I also want some of the images to be reflective of the emotional aspect of this project the idea of being different so I do not want to remove it from the audiences perception or recognition of the idea of love, sorrow etc depending on the focus of the image.

One particular shot I have in mind is of a person scrunched into a bath tub without water with an odviouse injury or deformity showing, depicting someones fragility towards the situation. For some reason I invisage a man, possibly because I always see my bath tub and the automatic person who comes to mind is my husband and the idea that with a women this seams very dramatic and I want it not to be as dramatic but more a view of an intimate moment of pure feeling.


Project Presentation



The end of 310MC


For the third year I feel that my work should show myself as a person, it should be a statement towards who and what I am about, especially as the majority of the work I intend to produce will be photographically based. The last two years have helped me look to different mediums and explore my creative mind.

I would like to present three ideas which I have been thinking and researching towards. I have also started to experiment in these different areas as well.



Project ideas:



Perceptions – Life and Death


Gallery Exhibition with accompanying book and web gallery.

 photography and sound

Often the way things are presented to the audience affects the interpretation of the artefact they are trying to understand or get meaning from. As an example, children in most cases will view a piece fo work differently than an adult.

This piece of work would be a convergence of photographic work and sound, presented in a gallery space.

Life and death would be a sequance of images that represent the subject of life and death from a personal intimate perspective, every image would have a back story behind it that would be able to be read by the viewer in a specially designed booklet that would go with the exhibition.

I want to show the simple yet subtle connection between the visual and emotional but would also like to add a obscure perspective on to the body of work as a whole by using sound. The sound part fo this project would be the varying perspective of children to adults, I want to talk to children and find out there ideas on life and death on subjects surrounding that areas that the written adult recorded versions and images depict. The recordings of these children would be played in the gallery space and as the audience view the images like audio tours that the audience would need to wear, cutting them off from the reality of the surrounding outside world and others. 

The hope and outcome would be that the viewer gets to experience the different perspective of the situations both through their personal visual interpretations, the booklets background write up and the audio they can listen to. 




Gallery Exhibition with accompanying web gallery

Moving image, Photography and web-based element.


A series of photographic portraits that focus on unusual or usually unseen marks on the bodies of people, scars, moles, facial & bodily mutations/mutilations. I would like to have these viewed as separate images but would also like to have a representation of every section of the body and make a collage  including some moving image in this collage.

The idea behind this is that things that happen in our lives often leave marks on our bodies some which we can not hide and other which we can. Our bodies are visual roadmaps of events in our lives, changes we go through or put ourselves through. Programmes on television such as embracing bodies talk about issues and subject our current social oder makes us believe we should not discuss in public and this is the same for the visual content of the world. But why should we be ashamed of the difference/history our body can show.




Gallery Exhibition with an accompaniment of a website

Moving image, Photography and web-based element.


A series of moving images and still images showing movement relating to transport photography and Painting with light.

Basically I have been very taken with research into both Transport photography such as car shots and traffic trails. I have experiementd with making moving images and photographic work in this area already.


I would be creating a number of staged shots involving capturing movement of subjects in either dusk or twilight moving with light emitting objects and showing patterns of travel.

An example of my train of thought would be a shot involving people making movement around and over a car and separate car parts in different locations illuminating the car with glow in the dark spray paint. This would be both filmed and static images would be take in both cases with a slow shutter speed capturing the falling motions of the people and the paint.

The video result and moving images would then be displayed with the parts fo the car that would fit in the gallery as an art exhibition as a whole.

I want to create/try something different as a lot of transport photography has been done already, this is something different.





The research I have been doing for all three projects has been ongoing since the start of this term. Each artefact we have created has allowed me to continue whilst expanding my research. For Perceptions – Life and Death & Stamp  my research started with looking into perspective researching Cubism and David Hockney, Hockney has a very different perspective on landscapes than other artists, he has changed mediums in order to develope and show his view of the world. Every medium he has worked with still helps inspire his work today although he no longer uses some mediums as actual modes of working anymore. The thing I like about Hockney’s work is that he makes us view the landscape in a different way bringing our attention towards different aspects.

Inspiration for both of these projects also comes from photographers such as Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Elinor Carucci and David Hillard. There work mostly  relates directly to people, they are drawn to situations that others may move away from often seeking out the outcasts subjects and situations. This idea of looking at the world has really inspired me. In earlier practical work I spent time focusing on the delicacies of drips and their falling motions and beauty trying to see them from a different view point. 

Each photographer listed above has a different style and motivation, Hillard for example displays his panoramic’s in panels focusing on real life situations but those which are staged.

 Carucci focus has been mainly surrounding her family where she has had a all access option to show off parts of life/family life that others would shy away from. Her recent body of work Intimacy which is currently showing in London till the 20th of February. 

The way in which Diane Arbus works and her choice of subject has also inspired my current way of thinking, why do we run from the unusual and obscure? A modern day example of the changing style of life is the campaigns for breast feeding in the uk, people are actively having to campaign to get people feeling comfortable with seeing a woman feeding her children in public, society has made things such as feeding your baby taboo.


Nan Goldin is an excellent example of a photographic study of an enviroment and the different  sides of sexuality, her pictures are not fluffy feel good, posed pictures of the sexual relationship but the actual real life image, its revealing, interesting and highly inspiring. I don’t like looking at some of the more explicit work or the images of violence but then I have to tell myself thats about how I was brought up to look away and ignore or shut out the disturbing.

I currently feel that I have been doing so much research that I am yet to start fully exploring this in my own way through my own practical work. This is the next step for these two projects, getting out there getting subjects into a studio or getting lighting/equipment to them to try to get the shots.

For Move it I have already started working practically and have been doing  a lot of research into the moving image and commercial side of transport and car photography and video art (as you can see on the blog).



 I have also been researching photographers who specialise in twilight/night photography Such as David Baldwin who has had his work used for promotion by bands like The Kooks. I have also been drawn to online galleries such as Hours of Darkness which is by a group of Photographers from New York who produce amazing/inspiring photography at night.

 Both of these lines of research made me want to experiment and try this and I was out there having a go both for photography and moving image. But it also made me realise how much this has already been covered. I started looking into Transport photography aswell, specifically traffic trails but again this has been done. After doing some research on video art I became interested in what we could achieve with eluminesants and did some basic research into movement photographic work, specifically I looked at Jonathan Shows techniques in movement. His unique captured images on Ballet and Baskett ball inspired my thoughts on capturing image whilst making art.

Where I currently am


I have booked a Gallery for the Degree Show week, week beginning 24th May 2010. It is called the Glass House and as the name suggests it is a space where the public can see right into the gallery from the outside. I have been researching and working towards all three projects simultaneously so that I have back up plans if the project I finally decided to go with fails, has problems or I am advised not to go down that route when we get some feedback.

I have been approaching different individuals for the project currently named STAMP and have been researching studios in my local area which I can hire out. I have also been approaching freelance photographers for assistance with equipment and experience due to lack of guidance in the photographic area at University.

I have access to car parts and scrap cars through my husband as he is a mechanic and we can get supplies in this area easily. I have been investigating locations for shots as I would like to accompany the car part shots with shots of movement patterns of individuals on bridges with traffic trails behind them and have been investigating the price of glow in the dark materials. I have also been experimenting as commented before with slower shutter speeds with DV Cams and my Cannon camera.

I have not yet started any practical work towards Perceptions – Life and Death as I have been researching mainly the perspective side of things and thinking about doing something different with these subjects as again they have been covered time and time again. I have contact details of local schools/children groups  in my area which I will be contacting to discuss interviewing children. Specifically for this project I am also going to contact the local Catherine House hospice to try and get them involved and any funds I raise from it and the other two projects would go towards their charity.

I have decided to take the Advantage course Event Management this year as I would like to make the Exhibition (which ever I finally choose) a success, inviting people from the industry to view my work. I would like to make it an event in itself with promotion and a wider audience than just those connected to the university.



Follow the Passion – Working towards final project

Run Forest Run!!!


I am not going to be running anywhere but the quote illustrates my current thinking and where I am going to be going next. In the moving Forest Gump, the character Forest Gump gets to see, do and be part of amazing things by following his passions, (even thought he himself does not see this), Running, playing Ping Pong and following Jenni the girl of his dreams, basically if you have not see Forest Gump go see it and you will see what I mean.

Basically what I am saying is I enjoyed the spectacle project which involved taking images of fair rides at night, with a slow shutter speed. I have been obsessed with the amazing images I achieved and really enjoyed doing. When doing other research through out my blog posts you should have been able to see a theme of looking at low light work, the recent stop motion animation research I have done started with looking at people dancing with glow sticks attached to them.

I have decided that I want to keep going down this route, keep thinking about low-level even night work with photography and camera work. I am not sure where exactly its going to take me but I am willing to give it a try.

Just looking for ten minutes I have found the following photographers and resources around this theme:

A YouTube Video to illustrate the kind of photography that I am currently inspired by:


Not all the images shown in the slide show are what I am talking about but at the beginning there are a fair few that I really like. From playing around with this type of photography I just want to say it takes a lot of time and effort, waiting and planning to actually get the shot you want, its been done but more can always be done in this field.


Something I really like and have found is this idea of light trails. The following YouTube video shows this brilliantly.


Another way of using this kind of idea, light trails and just glow projects is shown in the following YouTube video, called Spider Walk:

I thought that it was brilliant really different, a way of using the technology in a different way. It also shows a thought into a different genre with this kind of work, people associate spiders with horror and to the dark, which is something I had not previously thought about, possibly I should look at varying the genre of the work I am creating to give a different kind of atmosphere to the pieces I create???


Just incase anyone taking a look at this thinks, whats going on how did she he do that, here is a basic tutorial and then basically elaborate from there!!


I have also been looking at Photographic online Galleries to see what kind of work they have:

This gallery is limited in work but fascinating, his focus on landscapes at night or a dusk is amazing, really inspiring. I just get this sence of calm viewing them. I really want to try out some of the work he has done, not stealing his ideas but gaining influence from them and using the theme to create work I have a growing passion for.

The following Gallery has more images but they take quite a while to load, they vary from the car light images I want to look into and the structures and landscapes at night. Most of the images of structures seem to have their own sources of lighting, like a cathedral would have night spot lights.

One image I really like can be viewed at the following link:


I am really excited to get started and have started taking some images with long exposures at night but am going to do some experimenting with camera work. I have hired out a PDX camera from the media loan shop and am going to try driving round my home town tonight first capturing cars and capturing lights around the car and see where I get with that.



Hockney, photography Research.

Thinking about my final project


The point of this whole experience/term in our third year is to help us think more creatively and steer us towards developing our projects presented at the end of the year as part of the Degree show. I am continuously thinking about this in the work and research I have been doing. I have decided to look deeper at photography and different styles and techniques as I find it really interesting and I enjoy it and those two things alone make me want to persue using photography for my final project.

We are very lucky at home to have SKY+, we got this because we have such busy life styles that we can not often kep up with the programmes we enjoy watching. We take a little time each week to sit down, switch off and watch something on television. My husband is always very thoughtful and records anything he thinks I might find interesting, this can range from the new series of Project Runway to a biography on an artist or celebrity. We both enjoy watching various types of documentaries and programme, my husbands choices usually ranging from 1,ooo ways to die to Ice Road Truckers and the occasional episode to Chop Shop. He recently recorded a documentary called Hockney on Photography. It is a documentary on the Artist David Hockney, featuring his incites into his work and methods.

After watching this I decided to do more research into his work. I found the following website, apparently an official site featuring his work. I can not show you any work fro this site as it has strict copy write code featured on it but I can direct you to the site via the following address:

Researching Hockney has really made me think about photography. He has had a fair few mentions in the press with controversial comments on many different aspects of life, there is an interesting article featuring one such comment on the guardian website from June 2007. Hockney states in this piece “I think we’re not in a very visual age. You notice that on the buses. They don’t look out of the window. People plug-in their ears and don’t look much… It’s producing badly dressed people…”. Basically what he is talking about is the fact that we as viewers of the world do not stop to actually see it, we plug-in our ear phones and stare at our iPods as we ride the bus or travel along, what happened to appreciating the world, people watching and simple watching out the window. Our seminar leader in the last session before reading week was encouraging us to explore video art, encouraging us to do something new, be more creative and it boarded me silly. Why spend all this time creating things when as Hockney suggests we have lots to see around us. The journalist writing the piece on Hockney, Jonathan Jones likens him to Michel Foucault stating that he did not recognise the complexity of life, this is where I disagree, both Hockney and Foucault look at the world from a non commercial aspect, they look at what already exists not the newest thing both of their time. You can read this article/blog at the following address:

Looking specifically at Hockney’s work (of which there are vast amounts) his photography in particular it is a modern update on the cubits way of working. Hockney himself states that his influences are drawn from Picasso See following blog piece:

Hockney is an interesting artist to watch because of the diverse nature of his work, this extract from a piece on him gives you an idea of some of the diversity:

Hockney originally came to notice for his use of hundreds of Polaroid shots of a single scene, collaged together like little snippets of memory to create an overall mural of sizable proportions. His photomontage entitled Pearblossom Highway 11-18th April 1986, for instance, is some 78″ tall and 111″ long. The effect is that of a glimmering mosaic featuring a desolate desert highway where cactus compete with road signs in decorating the landscape. More recently, he has dabbled in everything from acrylic painting to set designs for such productions as Die Frau Ohne Schatten for the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in 1992. Still more recently, he created a nine-minute stage set performance piece called A Snail’s Pace, in which coloured lights were the actors.

Looking at Hockney’s photography work is really inspiring, see the following links to view some of the different cubist style photographic montages.

What I find really interesting about his work is that as the extract above suggests they are snipits of little memories, each individual photograph seems to hold a different element of time and meaning. A deeper meaning of the piece can be gained from stepping back and viewing the image itself as it then seems to string together to tell as story. The medium of the Polaroid camera is interesting in itself as it captured a specific moment in an easy format. I would love the opportunity to tell a story in this fashion with tis technique of sloting images together.

People are always reproducing works by great artists or talking influence from there work. A friend currently working on his Masters produced a piece of work in 2008 that had cubist influences, it ws an Adam and Eve style cubist style portrait, I have sent him an e-mail to set up a discuss on Hockney as I am interested in his views as he has studied heavily into cubism and it interest me the way different people have taken this way of viewing the world.

I would possibly like to try making a cubist portrait for the memory section of the 310mc module as I feel strongly pulled toward this approach to seeing the world through the camera image.


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