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Basic Final Project Ideas….So far




The projects I have completed on this blog so far have not been the best work I will admit to producing, there are a few reasons individually relating to each project that I can account for this but over all time has been a major factor over this term. Making three Artifacts in such a short time as well as thinking them up, researching and experimenting has been a challenge. However coming towards the end of this term I have begun to feel more and more excited with what I can achieve moving forward. I have already started to experiment with my practical work both with photography and moving image and am starting to look towards new direction to research and help develope my ideas.

I have booked a skills audit with my tutor Clifton Stewart on Thursday morning and have been thinking about what I want to discuss with him.

Firstly I need to point out my strength and weaknesses so that together we can figure out what I need form the university and to work on myself to move forward and improve. After having a think today I have decided to suggest the following ways in which I can improve my current work and skills:

1) I need to get training for the photography studio within Ellen Terry building. I have already requested a session with Jonathan Worth to do this but when I cam for the session he had not been able to make time to see me.

2) It would be a real benefit to me to have some more tuition on how to use the cameras available from the loan shop and also AVID the editing software or Final Cut pro if we have that available. I did have sessions in my first year but always worked in groups where another member of the group wanted to do the Editing and filming and I was left with the paper work side of things.

3)Lighting – technically this falls within the first requirement of the studio as thats where I want to look at lighting but must more than that I would like training on specific lighting techniques to improve my photography.


Planning techniques, technical knowledge of cameras, editing software, time – I need to keep to schedules and deadline I set myself.


I am getting better at researching and pulling from different mediums, Photography, experimentation – I always try to give it a go even if I don’t want to.

Way forward:

I am going to present some project Ideas and see if I can get some more avenues for research. I also want to challenge myself keeping trying to work with moving image as other manage it so, so can I.

I don’t want to lose sight of my photography though as it is now a big part of who I am and what and how I want to represent myself.



I also want to talk to Clifton about the project ideas I currently have as I am hoping he can give me some direction in which to aid my research.

1) The first project stems from my experiment with traffic trails and Transport photography (admittedly what I need to focus some research on) but also comes from researching the moving image stuff that can be done with glow in the dark dancing and landscapes of the twilight.

I am interested in following a person around who goes to different cities/towns all over the country and recording his journeys and capture some images of the town/city he goes into at night/dusk. I am interested in the concept we have been discussing in 300MC called Psychogeography which I will upload some research on.

2) Another project I have been thinking about has been inspired by Elinor Curruci and works by other artist I am yet to name on this blog. Recently I experimented with perception when looking at a drip outside my door and the wet paving stones outside my house and was fascinated by how amazing they looked when that was the only attention of the camera/audience. I am interested in looking at the physical changes on a human being in the same way, having a child, having something removed a opperation, short-sighted ness these can all be big changes and imprints on a person and to capture this uniqueness would be a very interesting project.

With both of the above projects these are just initial ideas in my mind, I would like to develope them further, thinking about how to present then but also bring a new level to them and do something another person might not. I have also been thinking heavily about collaboration with others for my final project and do not want to rule that out with the above two ideas. I have recently been in contact with a Music Composition Student and a practicing artist who seem keen to collaborate (the artist with the understanding he can sell his work). I would also like to work with Dancers and possibly theatre students but I am not sure yet and have not contacted anyone about this.



Because of certain personal complications I am trying to think ahead and get somethings already sorted so I have already chosen and booked the exhibition space where I can exhibit my work for the degree show. I have contacted the Herbert Art Gallery and book a Gallery they control called the Glass House which is just a few meters down the road from the Ellen Terry Building. It is an excellent location as it is in the city centre and can be reached by train, bus and foot. It’s not far from parking facilities and I can give out direction easily. The best thing about the gallery though is how it is presented, it is glass so people outside can see into the space and it have ample place to hang work and space within to put other objects that would require floor space. I have found I can rent projectors from the loan shop and am also trying to find out if I can get other equipment from the Graham Sutherland Building which I think I can such a stands etc.


Instinct or insite? Project Update


As I previously might have mentioned I have been working a project centred on the spectacle of a local fair with influences coming from peoples work into the idea and technique of painting with light.

I have laso previously mentioned my lack of enthusiams for the project as I have continued with it. I have currently felt uninspired and boared with the concept.

Recently I have been drawn towards other projects but I feel that I have put a lot of time and effort so far into the project and have already gained a lot of ground with it so feel reluctant to just push it aside.

I commented on this to my seminar leader who advised me to go with my instincts, if one project was pulling me then I should explore that which is something I have decided to do, so currently I am working on two projects for one theme??

I am always trying to get comments, suggestions and feedback on my work and the stuff I am bloggin about. I contacted Jonathan Shaw as his work has inspired someone of my work over the last two study years at coventry and also during my year out when I had time to think about the directions I would like to take during my third year.

His work



Lets Get Direction.


So your at the bottom of a massive tree truck with hundreds of load bearing branches leading to thousands of smaller branches, you need someone to tell you which branch will take your weight and which won’t. This is exactly the point I am at. I’ve got some good thoughts but no idea how to inject so fuel to get myself up onto those top branches.

So I have started by approaching professionals and where better to start than someone who is both a professional and a lecturer. Jonathan Worth allowed me a 15 min chat for some most needed direction pointing.

I mentioned my ideas on Memory and Spectacle as these most link with Worth’s Field, portrait photography.


Memory – The Family portrait

The idea is to create a multimedia portrait using still and moving images, sound embedded into a web based site.

This would be a portrait for an individual viewer to see an intimate view on a family’s life.

Have you seen Harry Potter, the moving photographs, the idea takes reference form this concept of a looping image.

It would have a constructed linear feel to it but also with abstract notions to the movement of the aspects of the memories with each of the characters in the image.

Spectacle – Imagination

something I have been interested in doing is basing a project around objects and letting my imagination take over, producing a portrait of the wild side of my imagination involving or inspired by this object. Previously in history great painter such as Micheal Angelo have created amazing works of arts using only their imagination.

This would involve the use of different photography techniques creating different looks using technologies such as Photoshop. I would also want to combine the use of sound and moving image to creat an exhibition space where these pieces can be viewed.

Promotion for this particular show would also be part and parcel of the project.


Worth’s response

I expected confusion and my ideas to be viewed as basic and with not much thought gone into them, I’m not quite sure why as I have actually put a lot of thought into them, insecurities I guess. Instead of this I was given direction something I really needed.

When looking at going forward with the idea for Spectacle Worth suggested looking into Ontology – “philosophical inquiry into the nature of being itself, a branch of metaphysics” (

Definition according to Webster’s Dictionary:

  1. a branch of metaphysics relating to the nature and relations of being
  2. a particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of existence

Ontology (the “science of being”) is a word, like metaphysics, that is used in many different senses. It is sometimes considered to be identical to metaphysics, but we prefer to use it in a more specific sense, as that part of metaphysics that specifies the most fundamental categories of existence, the elementary substances or structures out of which the world is made. Ontology will thus analyse the most general and abstract concepts or distinctions that underlie every more specific description of any phenomenon in the world, e.g. time, space, matter, process, cause and effect, system.

Recently, the term of “(formal) ontology” has been up taken by researchers in Artificial Intelligence, who use it to designate the building blocks out of which models of the world are made.(see e.g. “What is an ontology?“). An agent (e.g. an autonomous robot) using a particular model will only be able to perceive that part of the world that his ontology is able to represent. In a sense, only the things in his ontology can exist for that agent. In that way, an ontology becomes the basic level of a knowledge representation scheme. See for example my set of link types for a semantic network representation which is based on a set of “ontological” distinctions: changing-invariant, and general-specific

Worth also suggested looking up a guy called Sartre and a booked called an Introduction to Sartre. He also suggested to think about the idea of deconstructing the notion of a portrait and looking into work on the identity of inanimate objects.

When discussing the ideas surrounding Memory he suggested looking at his own blog site, particularly at blogs relating to Star Trek and Harry Pottery as I had discussed the image of images within Harry Potter. – Worth’s blog spot.

He also suggested looking into Hyper photography and hyper photography living.

I also discussed with him an ongoing project I have been doing based around the fair ground. Every year in Banbury around the second week of October Banbury is invaded by the fair. In my summer workbook I have displayed some images from the previous photo session with three very different styles and points of view. I have asked for some feed back on these images as I am going to do someone more work this year at the fair which happens to be this friday.  I want to try and sell my work this year possibly at a gallery exhibition.

To get an idea of what its like at the fair take a look at this youtube video of a previous year:

I am going to update the blog as to my research into these different areas and hopefully you will be able to track a progression of my work through this blog.


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