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Moving Forward


Research and development of the final project – what I am currently planning.

You will notice that my blog has been a little empty recently. An explination for this is life, its not always easy to fit everything in and write about it too. If it occurs to you that I might have been resting my feet infront of the television watching Celebrity Big Brother you would be very very wrong.

For start I hate Big Brother Celebrity special or not! The second is with a family and one member under 1 year, a job and travel time to University you do not get much time to put you feet up needed or not. I can give you a long list of recent events but this post is dedicated to moving forward and this is exactly what I intend on doing.

Recently we presented our work and research for the moduel 310MC which allowed us to research and develope creating artefacts along the way to towards our final project. I had been researching and working towards 3 different ideas and presented all three of them during the presentation.

During this presentation I was asked to tell the audience which project I was keenest to work on and I said STAMP.


Gallery Exhibition with accompanying web gallery

Moving image, Photography and web-based element.


A series of photographic portraits that focus on unusual or usually unseen marks on the bodies of people, scars, moles, facial & bodily mutations/mutilations. I would like to have these viewed as separate images but would also like to have a representation of every section of the body and make a collage  including some moving image in this collage.

The idea behind this is that things that happen in our lives often leave marks on our bodies some which we can not hide and other which we can. Our bodies are visual roadmaps of events in our lives, changes we go through or put ourselves through. Programmes on television such as embracing bodies talk about issues and subject our current social oder makes us believe we should not discuss in public and this is the same for the visual content of the world. But why should we be ashamed of the difference/history our body can show.

The reason I am so interested in doing this particular project is that a lot of the time in life we as a society/ culture look on the negative side a lot, especially when it comes to personal apperance. We often do not appreciate the differences in ourselves and each other. We also do not appreciate what our bodies do for us. When I was expecting my second child I could not stand the smell of bio-oil or coco butter and hate the texture of creams and lotions so I have ended up with stretch marks on my stomach and upper legs. For a while after she was born I hated them but now having my second child I realise they are a lasting reminder of the beautiful child my body has given myself and my husband. Things happen in life, a lot of which we can not control sometimes these are life saving/life changing like oppertaions and others are proof of life like c-section scars and some are reminders of past evens like victims of land mines or amputations.




My inspirations for this project are varied but some of the research you can look back on in my blog is by photographers such as Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Elinor Carucci and David Hillard.

Moving forwards with the development of this project I am going to visit a couple of different galleries in London including an the James Hyman Gallery where Carucci is currently showing her newist body of work called Intimacy. She is showing untill the 20th of February. I also plan to visit the National Portraite Gallery.

When at the different galleries I am going to be looking at a few different aspects:

The Art work/photography: What do I think about it, what does it say or speak about?

The Presentation: How is the work presented, does it draw attention to itself in some way, does the positioning of the work matter?

The Layout: How does the exhibition or collection of work flow, are there stories to be told patterns to be recognised, is it in a timeline?

The Promotion: How has the exhibit, collection been advertised and promoted, what is drawring the people in?

One thing I have been encourage to do if to see if I can meet up with Carucci to ask her about how she works, what her inspirations are and generally meet someone who has inspired my work. I am assuming she is in london as her collection is but I understand that this might not be the case but I am going to try contacting her anyway, I’ve got nothing to lose.

As soon as I have been to london which should be before the 20th of February I can start to think about how I would liek to place my work, I am hoping that this will allow me to have a more focused approach to the particular shots I want to get.


Practical Work


One thing that has recently struck me is how am I going to get models for the shoot, I decided to ask someone with a bit of experience so I phoned a photographer called Jane Wood. Jane has a wealth of experience at both creating amazing photgraphs and organisational skills as she ran a studio for over two years. I asked her and she helped me think about the different option I have:

Put an ad out – The good thing about this is that it would reach a lot of people, the bad thing being that people might be put off by the idea of being a model who shows off there wobbly, scared hidden bits. I woudl need to research this and find out costs, the right words and audience. I also could think about offering to pay people for there time, but I would need to sort out if this is hourly paid or a one off sumb?

Ask your friends and family – The good things with this option is that friends and family are more likely to be willing to help you out, but the bad side is you limit the pool from which you choose your subjects, but this does not have to be my only option.

Contact local groups/charities – This could mean I could get a range of people and some more than other might be interested in working with me, I coud also dedicate any funds raised at the event to the local charity I get in contact with. The good thing about this opption is that I coudl target specific groups like cancer patients, or war survivers or something along thoes lines.


I have also been thinking a lot about composition and format for the project. I ahev a cannon 450D, should I use this digital way of shooting photography, I am keen to look at working with a macro lens, getting close to the subject and shooting from a different perspective to achieve a different view from what would be automoatically expected. I need to find otu how much I can enlarge with this method of shooting? I want these pieces to be big, blown out of perportion to the human body, abstract from the orrginal subject, so should I then shoot this differently. I despiratly need some guidance re this, is large format better? If so what kind of camera do I need etc?



What I am sure of so far is the following:


The images are going to all be parts/sections of the human body. I want some of the images to be abstracts, I want the audience to have to think about what part fo the body it is because the perspective of it is so different and set apart from the usual way in which we would view it. I also want some of the images to be reflective of the emotional aspect of this project the idea of being different so I do not want to remove it from the audiences perception or recognition of the idea of love, sorrow etc depending on the focus of the image.

One particular shot I have in mind is of a person scrunched into a bath tub without water with an odviouse injury or deformity showing, depicting someones fragility towards the situation. For some reason I invisage a man, possibly because I always see my bath tub and the automatic person who comes to mind is my husband and the idea that with a women this seams very dramatic and I want it not to be as dramatic but more a view of an intimate moment of pure feeling.


Memory Artifact



The Memory artefact has been loaded on to its own dedicated page, find that at the top of this blog roll under the header picture.


Stopmotion Animation Trial and Error

Try and try again!


After the recent research I have been doing on Stop motion animation I have been having a go myself, not every thought I have had has been successfull.

THe first idea I had been intending  to create a surrealistic fun animation based on my feelings around the memories of my wedding. Using play do and pieces of materials and different items from my wedding I was going to simulate a swirling effect of items in a sequence matching my thoughts on the events of the day. I was going to add sounds to the piece including my voice talking, voicing my thoughts and music, the sound of the music box I had a t my wedding and a background bustle of people, with moments of silence.

I started by making the play do into lips which I was going to simulate open and closing mouth movements with and eyes which were going to move a s the swirling items went round the play do face. I then gathered bits and bobs and started with the pictures. I had not planned very well and get easily frustrated with the models I had made as they kept breaking up and causing issues like staining the backing material I was using to lay the items on. I also just was not enjoying  it and am concerned that I need to enjoy the project I am doing.

Lets try again!


So I decided to abandon my previous ideas and project and try a simple stop motion to get myself going. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 year and married for 1 and 1/2, each year on valentine’s day he buys me a tear drop rose, one of the really tacky ones but its a tradition and I love it. He also buys me the wooden roses where ever her sees them as he know I don’t think to much of jewelry but the wooden roses I love.

I decided to tray and play around with this and simulate my growing family by using these roses. I decided to have a rose for myself, my husband and my daughter and make them grow. I did this and even thought it is very simple and small I am pleased with the result.


UPDATE Memory : 10 Significant things!

10 Significant Things in My Life


We have been asked to blog about 10 significant things in our life as part of thinking about the Memory project.

It took me a while to come up with just 10 as when I started thinking about it I managed to come up with many more but I have narrowed it down to the following 10 things:

  1. The birth of my daughter, I created life, I nurtured it into being and I still help her grow, learn and in the future help her fend for herself.
  2. Meeting my husband, without meeting him I would not be where or who I am now, he inspires, encourages and supports my decisions and failures.
  3. Getting married, I simply never thought I would, so much so that when I used to think about it I glosses over the actual idea of it and just go to the part about being married with children, so who knew.
  4. My grandfather dying, on my birthday, it’s not a nice one but its a big one for me and significant for who I think I mentally am.
  5. My Great grandmother passing, she was like my Grandmother as my actual Grandmother was not around and I still miss our chats today, as I got older I found it easier to talk and relate to her as she has such a wealth of information and love.
  6. My childminder who was like a second Mum to me at points in my life dying and being told she has Terminal Cancer, I don’t think I have ever cried so hard, with other people deaths it was either expected or I was to young to feel it totally but with this I thought she owed be around forever.
  7. GettIng an A in Art at GCSE, as no one thought i could do it, and at least I have one A to show off!
  8. The first argument I had with Becky Merriman as now looking back at it four years ago it is the reason we are friends because she is so passionate about things that you know it’s a good thing when she argues with you.
  9. My mother getting ill in 2001, it was the first time I thought I was not going ot see her again in the way is was but in fact she came out of the situation changed, for the better, a better outlook on life.
  10. My dad telling me how proud he was of me for getting into University and then congratulating me when I told him we were expecting our second child.

UPDATE..Power, The shoot

Update… progress for the POWER project


I really enjoyed the shoot I did with my subject today. I got lots of images and have edited them down and am in the process of loading them up now. What went well was that I really got a feel for her personality not just what she would present to a stranger so I was pleased with that. I found it really difficult to think about what I actually wanted when I was there, I felt a bit like I should have planned it better but then in my mind I was thinking that is the point you don’t want the planned shot you want the one in between what you ask the subject to do.

I decided to put my own spin on things and write some of the words I had noted down she had said or things I got the impression of as we talked before the shoot. I was really pleased with the result of these shots as I tried different techniques with the camera and came out with different effects.

The following are a selection of shot that I captured but did not use for my actual piece of work:

The reason I chose not to use these images is that they did not reflect her mood and attitude, they just seamed like shots to me, just images I had taken with her consent. To see my artifact you will need to click on the POWER page at the top of this blog roll.


Planing for Power

Power Artefact Plan and Influence


As previously mentioned I’ve changed my thoughts on power and am now following the idea of looking at identity, specifically what we present to others to show our Identity, so in a sence its the power that comes with presenting our identity….however it might work out slightly differently. The reason I say this is because I want to try working like Diane Arbus, I currently feel very inspired by the way in which she approached photography as a posed to someone like Elinor Curucci (featured below) who has stuck close to working with her family and Nan Goulding who did studys of her friends Arbus went out into situations where she must have felt uncomfortable but she was also so curious she needed to see and experience it for herself. 

Carucci LipsAndHair


Image by Nan Golding


I am not discounting the influence Golding and Curruci have on my work as a whole as they have been very influential to a lot of my work within photography, I have previously been experimenting with the techniques of looking closer at subjects and following a situation such as my daughter as she grows and I would evidence both Goldings and Currucis influences within my work. But I want Arbus influence to be seen within this piece of work as I like the idea of studying a subject and getting the one shot that says a lot about the person more than just what is on the surface. 



I have found a subject a female about 28 years old who is a photographer by trade. She is married and has one child a son. She has kindly agreed to let me use her as my subject for this piece of work (experiment – as I am trying out something new and am not confident of what the results will be). I have agreed to meet her today after I had a phone conversation with her about it and have already meet up with her a few times and agreed to do the shoot in the comfort of her own home. 

I have asked her to have three objects to hand that she feels represents her identity as I feel I need a starting point to discuss herself with me. I don’t necessarily want to focus on the objects but on her and get a feel for her personality and how she deals with situations. I feel that people tend to identify more with what type of person you are than what you bring with you. 

I am looking forward to the shoot today and editing the images tonight. I will post up the images and how I think the shoot went. later today


Power Artefact

The power artefact has been placed on the page dedicated to power.


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