Web Gallery and Making time for work

Web Gallery

I have decided to use a programme called Web Plus 10, I think I previously mentioned that I would be usingthis programme to make the website. I have decided to use this because I can not travel to Univerisyt due to working committments and my children so I have purchased San Serif Web Plus 10, it only cost me $49.00 as I got it on special offer. I have over the last week been doing web tutorial on it to try and learn the programme and how to make a website. I have stated to fiddle about with templates but also want to try and learn how to get it working from scratch. I have already learnt how to add a web galley and am also currently sorting out which images should go in the gallery.



A major issue I am currently havig is fitting everything in. I have two children under 2, a temp job and am trying to get this univerisyt project finished aswell. I am finding less and less time ot get everything done, I am shattered most of the time and my head feels full of fuzz where I am trying to fit it all together.


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