Final Two Photoshoots



One of the major parts of our family life is bedtime, this might sound strange but both my husband and I work so when we get home feed the children whether this is a bottle of dinner we thenhave to bath and get them to bed in order to prepare for the next day ahead. Bedtime is a long process in our house. We spend time with our eldest daughter getting her interacting with our youngest daughter, often either myself or my husband will be on the girls bedroom floor playing with them in between getting their nappies chnaged and into their bed clothes. A recent particular evening my husband was doing it and had stripped down to his boxers because it was late and he needed ot change into more comfortable clothes has he had not long gotten home from work. I cam up the stairs to find our youngest daughter without a nappy on as she needed a bit of time out of a nappy to air and my oldest daughter was trying to get my husbands attention whilst we were talking. I proceeded to use this oppertunity as a photoshoot, its a perfect example of an impression me an my husband will have forever of how different our life is now that we have children. IT was mazing to look back at the photos when uploading them to see the tenderness of my husband and Daughter together and the curiosity of my eldest daughter to her baby sister. I am not sure whether or not people viewing these images will get the moments importants or relevance but as it is my project I felt it was a vital part of the series.

This is a gallery of both photoshoots mentioned within this blog post:


The orginal project I had pitched was around scars it orginated because of my stretch marks that occured due to my first pregnancy, they are very large, purple and hidiouse but in a way I am proud of them because to me they are the result of now my two children, they could have been prevented if the smell and touch of creams such a bio oil and coco butter had not made me pysically sick, but what it done is done. I had orginally in a previouse shoot tried to show these scars but the mononcrome had just not done them justice enough. I set up in the bathrrom of our house as I felt had the best light and I photographed my stretch marks. I was also interested in capturing the beauty of the areola and nipple on the breast as the colour changes both during and after pregnancy. I took about an hour to set up the shoot and take the pictures I wanted. I used a self timer option on the camera to get the shots I wanted, positioning the camer using both a tripod and work surfaces where I felt I could get a better shot using the naturel light resources.


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