Evaluative Update Where am I?

Keeping Things in Prespective – Evaluating ones goals


I think thats its important to keep track of where I am, what I am doing and how in general the project is going. I feel a little guilty that this project is taking os long as I feel at the end people mioght wonder what I have been doing all this time as I seam to have little ot show for it. To deal with this I have decided to update you all on this to make is clear how my time is spent, how I have been making my decisions and doing work towards this project.

1. Research – Althought a heck of a lot of research and experiemnting was done before Christmas leading to a pitch of a project (well three at the time, then refining it to one). I felt the project needed more devlopment and with guidance on specific lines of interest I have been researching a heck of a lot, this includes getting hold of books, looking online, watching documentaries to get a better understanding in my mind and to tune my thoughts.

2.Research -My research has lead to developments towards the project, this includes time to think as nothing is instant, nothing good anyway. I have also been tryhing out different ways of shooting and putting things together like shots and preshoot planning into my head. Thinking about the proper explination to have a goal to ahcieve and talking to others to gage their opinions about my work. I ahve foudn this particular project a real challange as it has made me have to say YES I can do this and NO I can’t do that for various reasons. I have learnt what I am and am not comfortable with.

3. The Photoshoots – not all of which have been successful and many which did not lead to anything good at all have all taken time to do. Most fo them envolve my children, husband and family and they are not subjects you can get to do what you want easily (even thought that was not the point of the shoots).

4. The editing process – From the photo sessions that have both been planned and unplanned I have not always gotten the shots I wanted or the exact way I planned so I have had to used tools such as Photoshop to edit the images, change the lighting slightly or remove objects/marks that I did not feel were apropriate within that image.

5.Evaluating – I have taken to evaluating my work as I have been going along, going back to look again at my research, editing and decisions I have made, this has been benmificial as I have actualy changed my mind for the better picking out some images on a second edit that I previously disgarded.

Where I am I with my goals?


If you ahve been following this blog you might remember I set myself some goals, I have mentioned these in previous posts. I set these goals to begin witrh to try and give myself something to work towards that I understood, that did not change and that would help me achieve something persoanlly.

my goals were in short:

  • Combine two or more mediums, ie sound, web bases technology with my chosen medium photography and possibly use moving image.


  • Challenge myself.


  • Team Work.


  • Use a step by step approach to working on my project to see the potential pit falls beofre they happen so not to get trapped.


I set these goals up at the start fo the academic year and a lot has changed it a year, these were not ridgid goals but they were something for me to consider whilst developing and working on my project. I came into my second year knowing only one person so I found I could not merge into groups that easily. I was interested in photography and new media technology as this had taken my interest during my second year and photography can tend very much to be a solo thing unless there is a specific group project.

So what have I done so far and what have I not in relation to these goals? Well I have not worked in a team to create my final project, althought I did attend the photography cluster (except towards the end when my second daughter decided to make a early apperance). I did not find anyone who I was interested in working with and I foudn the clusters came into late I was expecting to be introduced to more people first before everyone presented and decided on there projects. I think it was harder for me as I did not know anyone due to taking a year out to do this project. I did however take a step by step approach to my project, by using this blogging process and I have to admitt a hand held scribble diary I foudn it very useful to note down thoughts, decisions and discussiong points and I could discuss with myself points I needed or were thinking about before I completed something and did not like what I had done and needed to start over. I orginally decided to combine sound with photography but have since decided against this as I feel it distracts from the audience relating to my work in their own way, making their own assumptions. I have challenged myself during this project, I have had to make tough choices, this project has not turned out the way I thought it would but then if it hads I do not think it would have expressed my way of thinking or thoughts.


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