Is My Work Good Enough?

Standing Up & Development of Project


I want to be confident and say that my work should be able to stand up alongside current artists who are currently out there leading the way in modern photography. Carucci, Mann and Olson (Artists I have previosly blogged about) have not used sound bites to accompany there work to make it great, interesting or meaningful so why do I? An orginal goal I had set out was to combine mediums to enhance my work further, by using sound I felt I would be bring another element to my project so taking it to another level. But my recent question is by planning this way am I ruening it, one thing looking at other artist has lead me to believe is that simple is not boring. I want  people to be abel to relate to my work and be able to feel connected to the focus not be distracted by thoughts (sounds) I have put into there minds and words or emotions that are not theirs. I started thinking about this because I was watching an NSPCC add and then I saw another one from a while back that I had accidently recorded a long with something else. One had just music and the other talking. The one with just pictures and less words I felt was more affective and emotional than the one with more chatter as you were not distracted by what the words were saying.

I found the following on Youtube to illistrate my point. Anothe reason I am thinking of removing sound from my piece is that I do not want it to sound fake or forced.

You can odviously tell the above are actors which makes it less believable and I don’t feel its as affective,I did not get the point or feel an emotional responce to the piece.

This is a big decision for me as a am tossing and turning over my thought process on this one as another part of me feels the audience need some kind of guidlines/explinations. For example my mother and quite a few of my friends who I would consider my peers do not understand or like Carucci’s work. They like the old Masters paintings with nudist figures by more becasue they feel a need to respect them. I know they are the products society as they see Carucci’s and other artisit suck as Tunick’s work as going down a taboo subject, I mean Tunickj gets arrested as stripping in public places is against the law in America, England to I think, might have top look that one up? The point I am making as sometimes I think people who are struggling with how they feel the should conform to society even as far as to what they should find offensive and what they should not, need a life line to relate, some words something to link what they see to something theyt can relate to even though they should be able to relate to that image but there brain just will not let them, the revolution or instict to find offence kicks in, its like a power over them, they can’t help it.

I know I am getting rid of the sound but should there be something, words? Is the title enough, should the meaning be in easch individually named image? Do I accompany them with some history, a poem some kind of thought behind the image?



Title:                    Impressions

Description:      Moments captured from one family group depicting the pysical and emotional elements of life as a family, private moments that outsiders of the family would never see, moments that leave lasting impressions on the family.



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