Another Photoshoot

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I now finally feel like I know what I am looking for and doing. In my second year I had a module with Jonathan worth and he gave me some excellent advice, just keep shooting untill you can see a project forming. I knew I wanted to do a photography project, I wanted to make something that other in my degree year might not. I was held back by the fear that people would be disgusted by me but then after researching people such as Spencer Tunick and watching his documentary called Nakid states I felt a lot more ready. However I felt I could not work with models or other as I would not get the shots I wanted because I would not feel comfortable.

These are sopme of the images for another photoshoot I have done wiht my daughter. This shoot took place in our bathroom, she is a filthy eater and often has to be bathed after her evening meal, I assume this is an ordeal many parents go through so I decided this was a moment we should document as part of my impressions project. We are currently tryingto get her used to the shower so instead of bathing her we run the shower over her letting her get used ot the sensation and play with her toy, making water, fun and exciting and so far its working.


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