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Previous Research 

In the first term we did research based around three topics, Memory Spectacle and Power whilst attending 300Mc and learning about the theory which surround the media we are confronted with ever day. In October when I was looking at spectacle I blogged about the idea of perception and acceptance of the masses (specifically looking at Gay and Lesbian representations) What the media presents to us and what is actually happening often do not match up. We accept this because its fiction, we accept that Gay men on television have to be so odviouse its silly, but in actual life could you really pick a gay man out of a croud just form the way he looks and acts. You could possibly if you were an analyst of people but I doubt it if your an average person like me. Later when I was working on Memory I took time to research perception and looked at Monet and Hockney’s art work both of there work uses the idea of perception, they both saw the world in a different way, Monet becuase of the slow loss of his sight and Hockney in his search for new levels of his art work. Click on the following links to see these blog posts to get a better idea of what I was looking at and discussing at the time:




New Project Direction


Something I have thought about for a long time is how much we see and don’t see. What I mean by this is that things happen everyday that we miss, that we walk by but also we do not stop to see the beauty in the every day routine. Carucci opens her family up to the world letting the camera gaze intrude on her personal life. Through her different works she looks at the subjects in life that society would rather us keep behind closed doors.

 But the reality is that we have been made to feel that the normalities of life are to be hidden, take breast feeding for example people have succeeded in campaigning for women to be able to breast feed in public but society would still rather you not do it where they can see it. We forget to see the beautiful because of all the rules and shame linked with things such as being nakid.

People actually pay hundred of pounds to make spectacle of themsleves and families to remember a snapshot in time (snapshot the term first used in Bird Photography). Companies like Venture, Studio 54 and other photogrsaphy companies profit from this. Hundred of freelance photographers like Abi Moore and Jane Wood (previously mentioned in this blog) also profit from this need to capture time presures eventsa and moments, ones where we are fully made up and dressed in our proper atire. Now adays photo deveopment stores can make a fuss if they develope a picture of a child in a bath or a nakid women as this can be seen as inappropriate.

I have decided to focus on this still going down the lines of looking at the changes in our bodies due to pregnancy and birth but also looking at the moments we have as a family, the intimate moments being a younge family who have rapidly gone from two adults to one child and then another child. I have decided that I am going to try and devleope a style toward shooting this, I do not want to have all of the same type of shots different images require different lighting and aftershiot editing techniques to get them just right.


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