Practical Work – A realisation


So far I have arranged with two models to meet them and start work with them this is happening in the coming week and I meet a pregnant lady in the street and asked her is she was interested, and she gave me her details so I am on a roll.

Today I wanted to start with some work and I have decided to use myself as a subject aswell, inspired by Carucci as she uses herself and her family as subjects. Sally Mann also used herself and family as subjects and I feel connected with the subject matter.

The Photo shoot


Using my cannon 450D with a tripod I set up first in the bathroom as I have been inspired by a shot that carucci did in her most recent work where she was in the bathroom with her children. I also found this to have the best light in the house and I felt it was secure place to house my other daughter whilst taking photo’s of myself holding my youngest daughter.

The focus of this shoot was to see the physical scars on my body (stretch marks) but with the presence of the children in the room to show my growing bond with my youngest daughter as I forget about these marks on my body and focus on her.

Images from the photoshoot:







When starting this photoshoot I had examples of artist I am inspired by in my mind such as Carucci and Olson. In particular I was inspired by the following images:

 This image is by Olson, I found this particular image really inspiring and it was in my mind during the photoshoot, the women in the picture seams to hide her identity yet is happy to pose nude. The nudity is reduced by the camera angel and the use of monocrome it gives it a naturel feel as if the idea of gazing upon a nakid women is lass of a taboo.

 Image by Carucci. This image gave me inspiration to start by looking at myself and my children/family. Not  alot of people have the courage to take images fo themselves and put them on show to the world. The images above that I have taken and put on this blog post are not all of the images that were taken during the shoot they are a selection that I felt were what I had been trying to achieve. It was very difficult to look at the images and decided what should the world see and what should they not. With the particular idea in mind of seeing the taboo such as scars, nudity comes with this, the idea of holding a new born in the bath or breast feeding. However I did not want to ignore the commercial influences I have been drawn towards. during researching I spoke to two independent photographers who have worked with a number of subjects including, people, animals and plants. Abi More is a wedding photographer who trainned through a commercial global photography company called Venture New Generation Portraites. She specialises in making photographs into works of art to suite the tastes of the individuals she works for. She does not avoid nudity in order to sell her work as many other photographer don’t they just taylor it to the specific need. One example can be clearly viewed at her website:


I also have come accross another photographer called Mallory from Fitzgerald Photography which is based in Madison Wisconsin, she specialises in baby, child and family photography. Her work is simplistic and tailored to sell to the mothers and fathers who9 want to see the amazing images she can produce of there children, art specifically taylored to there family, worthless to any one else.  You can see her work at her website


I decided to experiment with my work and not just stick to black and white, to use colour and set the actual focus of the image in the back ground to see what kind of effect I got. I was very sure when starting this shoot that I did not want to include my face in these photos. I am comfortable with people seeing my body but my face is personal, I can detach myself from my body as I am more concerned about my expresions, as seeing my face would show that actually I am uncomfortable with the camera gaze and I want to show ease and comfort not uncomfort.

I also decided to try and use different camera techniques when shooting. A friend gave me the ideaof trying to shoot through a toilet role to see what effect I achieved. I was alsdo interested in seeing what image I got from shooting through my glasses. When orginally researching I talked and looked into perspective a lot as I have always tyhoguht that wearing glasses allows me to see the world in a different way. All I felt I achieved was to frame the image with the edge of my glasses.


I tried lots of different shot compositions and fiddled around with the F’ stops and shutter speeds to try to get a really interesting set of images.

Doing this has made me think about the process of working with models, getting them to pose for me. It made me think about what I would be asking them to do, for me. In the comfort of my own home and doing it all myself it did not feel a problem, during the actual time I was taking the images but after when looking through them and preparing to put them on to this blog I got very nervous. The main thoughts running through my head where, who is going to see this? What will people think?  Is this appropriate? That is when I realised how much the naked from bothers us and why so many people/ artists are obsessed with it. It’s a very Taboo subject, we are taught to be ashamed to show of our naked selves to the world, there are even laws against it (within certain parameters). Doing this and using myself first has given me a lot to think about, not only how I need to approach I chose to work with but also if I want to use other models, because I am so inspired by people work who focus on themselves, they capture moments that no one else is privy to see. These moments I am refering could never be captured in a studio session, with unknown models. They involve families and children and husbands and wives, people who have intimate connections with each other, peoples whos reactions and interactions with each other leave impressions on each other.

Ultimatly this is a decision I need to think about, do I use models or focus on my family? The orginal pitch I made focused on looking at scars both pysical and emotional scars as I wanted to look at Taboos in Society. This has slowly progressed with guidance from tutors towards pregnancy and birth which is a very interesting subject for me as thorugh university I have had two children (hence why my project and research is taking a number of extra weeks to get together and finish).

Experiementing with this has left me with a few decisions that I need to make to such as do I shoot just in black and white or do I also use colour? How do I link my images together and do I use models or just focus on my family?


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