Spencer Tunick first came to my attention when doing research into more current photographers. I wanted to look at my project from a different angle and I was toying with the idea of making the whole project using nudes. I found a documentary on Tunick called Nakid States. Nakid States follows Tunick around the US photographic models in public places nude. The documentary talks a lot about not only Tunicks experiences but the models experiences aswell. I found it really interesting to hear about how some of the models came to do the shoot and how some of them felt it affected them. 

 This is one of the images from the tour across the US. This women described the experience as liberating but also revealing as she saw herself from a different perspective. I find this image beautiful because of the sheer contrast of what you see, sharp rocks, fluid water and the rippled effect of her obesity on her body shape. The back ground skyline gives it some grounding reality in my mind as to this women is from that sky line industrial enviroment but she is also from a very earthly natural enviroment. 

One thing that I found particularly interesting was the Tunick went to photograph a nudist group on a beach. He was asked to join in with the nudity in order to integrate with the group. He found this very difficult. although he shoot  mostley all nude models he did not want to be nude himself, it was almost like this man has a fascination with nudity to the point that he is disgusted but that it thrills him at the same time and he reconciles this as calling it art? I don’t think that this is a conciouse though but more something to do with his innerself. I think I am trying to Psycoanalyse him when really I should be focusing on his art. 

Researching Tunick after watching this documentary I found he also used classic art incorporated into his work and it got me thinking along the lines of the power discussion we had during 300MC. Classical Art was more than just art in many cases, it denoted wealth, social standing and order in society. It got me thinking more about his work, I know from reading news reports relating to him that he tries to rock the boat as far as the rules of current society are concerned. He has been arrested and appeared in court many time for offences relating to his work with nudes in public places/on public streets but I don’t think he has ever been convicted. 


Image from http://fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/feeling-brave/ - a lady who was actually going to do it but then didn't!



I was inspired by his work but mostly through the documentary as we got a sence of the after effects for the models and the artists own principles towards what he photographs. He did actually try to be naked with the group of nudist but commented on how difficult it was to work in himself and also with the group of people. One this I think that I found most profound was that he found it so difficult to work with the nudist because they felt so free doing it and were able to be relaxed, they were not concerned with the fact they did not have clothes on, where as when he is working with people who have issues with taking their clothes off you can see it in their body language, they just do what they are told to do and then get their protection back on. If you want to see what I mean you need to see the whole documentary. It’s a very beginning middle end thing as at the end of it shows a gallery space which Tunick exhibits the work and the models who are featured turn up to see their naked forms.The documentary made me think heavily about a type of therapy called phototherapy. It is where a photographer who is also a therapist uses the idea of the camera, images and time to help someon with a problem over come it. Its not any issue but specifically image/body image related disorders such as belemia, anorexia etc. This is somehting I might blog about in the future.


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