Rosanne Olson



Since making the decision to develope this project furtherI have taken some time to do some more research. I wanted to get more inspiration and look again at artists but also take some time to think about other artists who contribute to modern art culture.

Rosanne Olson


Rosanne Olson – an inspiring women who has created amazing work.


The above link is an exert from her book called ‘this is who I am’. It is an amazing book, I found it in the local library and have renewed it many times and am sure I will unill this project is over. It is a combination of amazing photography and thoguht provoking essays which I assum are by the subjects of the subjects. The book is al about how we see our bodies and the stories surrounding our thoughts towards their bodies. What spoke out to me the moment I looked through the book was that these women were beautiful but then I ws in the gym the other day I did not have the same thought about myself or some of the other women their. I have had two children and my stomach is not flat like it used to be and their are now marks where the smooth skin used to be is all I could see. I sitll have a long way to go to see myself beautiful but I don’t have half the problems some women do which is why this book is therapy/art and pure emotion. ITs VERY inspiring!!!!


The above two images are images from the book.. if you think this is amazing you must see the book, the way she has captured the subjects is amazing. Looking also at Olson’s blog it was clear this book is a labour of love this book meant a lot to her, it was meant as more than just a piece of work, she has amazing passion for her cause.

I decided that I could benfit form some advice form her so I decided to ask her, by e-mailing her and we will see if we get a respnce:

Dear Rosanne Olson,
I am a mother, a student, a wife and a job seeker. Currently I am coming towards the end of my final project for my degree. The project is a photography project, it currently under development as it started out at me looking at peoples scars and body image when dealing with something that’s different like port wise stains, odd moles operation scars etc. After some advice from a lecturer I have developed it to the point now that its more specific, it is focusing on the physical and mental changes after having children – it developed into this because of the physical changes that happen to the body during and after pregnancy.
Your work on the book ‘this is who I am’ is one of my biggest inspirations because of the relationship of the images and the text, the emotional content and the sheer beauty of the photography. I would love to ask you a few questions if you would not mind giving me some advice?

Did you interview your subjects, the do the shoot and then write up part of the conversation or did you get them to write something in response to the images?
How did you put your subjects at ease when shooting in situations where they might have felt uncomfortable?
How did you get your subjects in the first place?
Thank you for any answers you feel able to give i responce to these questions. I do have a blog that I am writing up following this project but I am pretty behind and most of it is in draft but this is the link anyway:
Again even if you can’t help thank you

Many Thanks
Charlotte Gunn (Charlie)


The book has been produced beautifully produced, it makes me wonder if by oding it online if I am making the right choice, I think I might investigate books just to be safe as I don’t want to come to the end of the project and someone say to me ‘Oh it could have been better as a book’.

By doing more reserach I feel good but alos bad because I feel like I am questoning my passion for this project now and I am not sure I want to many other models involved.???



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