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On Friday I went to university and saw paul and Mez and pitched a new project, althought it went well and I think Mez and Paul got the idea I feel like I didn’t I am so unsure ifI should abandon or go forward. It was very useful to listen to the other members of the cluster and see where there work has taken them and to see the stress but also joy as they get towards the end of their projects. I felt very usless as I had nothing to contribute other than say how uch I had not achieved because of the problems recently.

When I described this new project Idea to a friend who is a proffessional photographer she said it ws good I had passion for the new project idea but whe I sit down at this laptop and I look at this blog and the thoguhts I have towards the oher project I don’t want to lose what I have already done. I feel like I am taking  the easy way out.

The reason I want to abandon the project was because how I felt about recent events in my life, I did not want to be around other mothers, to hear their stories good and bad. What I have come to realsie is that to recover emotionally people need to hear other talk about their stories it helps them heal. I do however think that emotional traumers leave scars just as much as pysical ones and I think that if I am going to continue with this project I need to reflect that too.

I am going to take some time to think about my project and also to focus on my family as we need to do this. Mez suggested I take some tie to relax, I am going to do this but also going to work but I might not post for a while and will back-date and update when I feel I can.


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