PROBLEM – Some times you need to draw a line under it.

The Tough Decisions


Good News – on the 25th March I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, we have called her Lynnette Norah Pamela Gunn. She was 6 weeks early and breach so she was born by an emergency c-section after a day and night of labour in hospital. She weighed 4 lb 1 oz and was taken to special care as she was very small and stopped breathing when she was born. She spent 8 days in special care, being released on Good Friday 2010 to go home with her family.

BAD NEWS – the weeks before Lynnette were born were very difficult not only for me because the end of the pregnancy was difficult due to health issues but my first Daughter Sophie has been ill since Christmas and in February/March she became seriously ill, leading to her hospitalization. I was also hospitalised during February also and then in March Lynnette was born and lynnette and myself had to stay in hospital with Lynnette in special care. I am seriously behind on my project work and have lost all will to continue with university at present. I can not bring myself to focus on looking at pregnancy and birth. I have put a lot of work into this project and the research before Christmas lead me in the direction I have been going. I am going to make an appointment with Paul Smith the Photography cluster leader to discuss my options and I have a particular project Idea that I am going to pitch and I have an idea of how I would like to move forward.



During the first term we have a mandatory module which makes us look at the theory behind the media and the history of media critique 300MC. The also had themes for this year that matched the themes for our research module. The themes were Memory, Spectacle and Power. Each of these themes was chosen because they could be highly linked with media theory. I focused on power for the written essay as I found I could easily relate to the ideas put forward when power was discussed. I wrote the essay based on the changing representation of Cinderella in three popular film texts, Walt Disney’s Cinderella, Pretty Women and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Together they allowed me to form a timeline to analyse the changing representation of Cinderella through the ages. It looked at capitalism and consumerism. I am going to pitch a photographic portrait of the modern Cinderella, I am going to represent the modern interpretation of Cinderella. People strive for the Cinderella idea because of the indoctrination of this fairy tale narrative. Ask many 5-6-7 year old girl and I am sure Cinderella will feature in their top three fairy tales they are introduced to the character archetypes at an early age through the books, films and advertising as many modern narratives now feed from the original tale. I want to take images that represent Cinderella’s influence in the lives of ordinary people, in daily life. however I want to add a twist I want to make the cinderella character obvious by jazzing her up. In the panto versions of Cinderella they often make the stepmother over the top and I would like to reverse this and make Cinderella a obvious stereotype.

I am going to speak to Paul and Mez the tutors for this module and find out what they think about the idea and if I should stick or move on and I will update you on both what we discussed and what my decision. I make the decision between what we discuss and what I decide because ultimately its my project, my degree that I am working towards and I am the only one who is going to get myself through it and achieve my goals which I set for myself at the beginning of this project which were:


  • I want to combine mediums, I want to produce  pieces of work that combines two or more things like light and sound or photography and moving image or sound moving image and photography etc.


  • I want to do something that challenges me whilst enjoying the work I am doing.


  • I want to be able to work with others during the project. Working in groups is something I need to work on.


  • I want to be able to build up the project step by step so hat I can see where I am going wrong before I get to entangle that I can not remove the affected section of the work.


So far I am on my way to achieving a number of these specifically the last one, I am looking backwards and forwards within this project all the time.  I REALISE IN MY THIRD YEAR HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO REFLECT ON YOUR DECISIONS AND TO LOOK BACK AT RESEARCH AND PLAN TO MAKE MISTAKES.

I am also challenging myself all the time, mentally and technically as I am picking projects that I might have to think before I act with and plan and draw up and idea of how I want the project to look/feel and work.

The reason I am not going to just make the decision and change project without discussing it with someone is because of the work I have already put into the current project and I am also aware that my current decison making could be impared due to everything I have been through recently, hospitalisation, babies and ill children, so I need to be careful and think this through. I am going to look back through my reasearch and get an idea of where I stand with my current project so I know what direction to go in if I am to continue with it.


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