Photographic Experiementation

Natural Lighting

I wanted to get some advice on how to approach getting pictures in the moment without light boxes or a studio because I have decided I might go down the route of not using a studio and do shoots in peoples homes in enviroments where they feel comfortable. I have been having trouble with getting models involved and explaining my project to people. I am actually thinking of changing my project totally but thats not what I am blogging about right now.

To get advice I met up with a firend who is also a professional photographer, Jane Wood. After a long discussion talking about finding thr ight way to take pictures without extra equipment she advised me to look for the light, she showed me some of her work just with a Cannon digital camera. She specifically looks for the light when she is shooting and uses it to get different ways to creat different effects. Carucci also uses light in different ways, to excentuate colours and situations, she also uses it I feel to darken the images effect.

The following are some of the experiemnts I have recently done looking at Naturel light outdoors with one of my children.

I also took advantage of the weather earlier in the year trying to use the camer a get close up images of iceacles.


The experience that I got from this was that it can be difficult to get the subject in focus, the camera can not replicate what the eye sees so althoguh you have a vision of how you would like this images to come out that is not nessesarioly how it works out. You need to use the surrounding to get the right foucs, In thje first image I felt the beauty of it was that only the middle parts were in focus the edges of the photograph fade out, this is something you can create artificially thorugh photoshop but to get it with just a camera is amazing, it just shows the beauty in mundain things.


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