Things don’t go to plan.



I am trying to keep my blog upto date, letting people know about what I am doing. The trouble about whats going on at the moment which you will already know if you have been following this blog is that I am a student, a mother, an expectant mother and a wife. Wither every role I just mentioned comes certain responsabilities.

Things have not been going well recently family wise, I have only really just started to recover from being in hospital my husband was ill straight after I came out, he was layed up in bed for 3-4 days and now my daugter is ill.

My little girl is under a year and since Christmas when she was 6 months old she has been on and off ill, now its to the point that she is more ill than well, she has lost weight and its just getting worse and worse.

This might sound awful but my current experince inspires me more to do this project as beofre you have children you think it will be easy, you focus on the ohhh and ahhhs having a baby/family, its all very exciting but you forget there are difficult times, stress runs high when a child is ill or there is a problem with your family.

Development of  the Project


Having time with my family has made me think about my project more. Orginally I proposed on image with a sound recording to occompany it and it would be on a website. After starting to plan out what kind of shots I want but also thinking about the type of affect I want to project to have I have decided that to get a message across there needs to be a series of images. A series will allow the audience to get a deeper feel of the story, also I feel that a movement of the images in series in possibly some kind of movie would help build up a story quicker in the minds of the viewers. I have been inspired by some of the youtupbe tribute pieces that are put online, I blogged about them previously during the research module before Christmas.

These are the kind of things that inspired me:

this is a tribute to a girl who has passed away, its very emotional, not only to her family anf friends but to anyone who watches it. The motion of th images, writing and sound creates this ambiance.

This is an example of what I don’t want to create, You can hardly read the writting and the music distracts you from reading it. Its overly emotional which puts power to the message but it made me want to forget the message also.

This has simlar elements to what I am thinking along the lines of but its missing the story and linked element to drive the pictures forward.

One thing I have learnt from research is that if you are going to use emotion as a part of your project you need to get the balance just right. There are many tributes online, many of them are of children who has been lost early or did not make it into this life, and they are heart wrenching but they are important to the people who are involved in them, they are a way of expressing their grief. My project needs to focus on the individual subjects but without making it to emotionally off putting.


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