Update on subjects…

Update from Hospital


I have always believed that with every cloud their is a silver linning. Today I believe this is true. I have been admitted to hospital, my body is not coping with a bug whilst expecting a baby. I am currently 7 1/2 month pregnate and am in hospital to get well again. Anyway I had a phone call earlier from a lady called Deborah Jones who saw a written advertisement I had put up in a pet store of all places to get into contact with people with scars, this was put up beofre I decided to define my project more. But it turns out that she fell and broke her ankle when she was expecting one of her children. Because of the way she fell and the awkwardness fo the fall due to being pregnate she hurt it so badily she still has problems with it so much so that she has had to have furter surgery recently. She is an excellent example and I have taken her details and will be meeting with her when both of us are feeling up to it.

Hopefully I will be out of hear in a few days and I can get on with life. But I do feel terrible so am glad of the rest.


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