Interim Crit

Developing my project


Today we had the interim crit and I am amazed at what some people are doing for their projects if they do not succeed within the industry I will be very shocked! I felt very inspired listening to other peoples presentations of what they are working on and where their research has led them so far.

My Project

I presented my project to the group by looking through this blog and opening the discuss to where I was having issues, which is mainly with getting models and explaining the project. I got excellent feed back and feel very positive with my project now.

What’s been suggested


It has been suggested that I define my project more, leaving it so open as anyone with a scar and a story given me a very wide brief and could make it difficult to link the collection. Someone kind of definition is what I need to link the shots and stories.

I have also been given advice to contact local arts schools or modeling agencies to get models.

Another point brought up was that I need to decide if I want posed shots and if so that I need to think about them and document exactly what i want to do before I meet with the models.

It was also suggested that I should record the whole session that I have with the models and then edit it appropriate later, not just for the interview as you never know what interesting sound bit I could get and could use it in my piece.

Overall I think both Paul SMith and Mez Packer (Tutors) liked the project but did want me to develope it further.

Changing the Project


After talking to Mez and Paul I have decided to make the following changes to my project:

  • I am going to focus more on parenthood and birth – I want to show the physical and mental changes that happen to us when we become parents, both good and bad. I feel that this wold take my images to another level, there would be more than just the image. The images will still be accompanied with a sound element which would give an extra element to them.


  • After taking time to think about what kind of models I actually want I have decided to reach out to parents in different ways, I am going to visit mother and baby groups, doctors, hospitals and just talk to people I see. I am also going to reach out to people on the street. I have decided that the best way to do this would be to strike a conversation with people and then get their e-mail address or phone number to tell them more about it.


  • I have also decided I need to do some more research into other artists to give me some inspiration for the shots I want to get. I want to have shots that reveal a range of different influences. I have would like some nudist shots that reveal the changes of having children on the body.


  • I am also going to do some test shots on myself and see what I get as I am exactly the kind of subject I am looking for, a mother who has a very individual experience to having children.


Basically the project I originally proposed has developed from being quite broad and undefined to being more specific. The original concept is still inspired by artist such as Hockey because it is the idea of looking at something a different way and showing it in a different way. During the crit Paul Smith discussed that Diane Arbus had a different view of her subjects than I realised, through all my research on her I did not realised she still saw her subjects as freaks, abnormal and she presented them that way, she did not present them in a sympathetic fashion. I do not want my work to reflect this, it is an amazing thing to bring and nurture life, even if it is hard, testing and difficult at times. I want to show the struggles and consequences but also show that it is worth it.

I am excited about this project because I am dealing with factors that are out of my control, I do not know how willing my subjects will be. I do not know what they will say/tell me about their experiences. THey could say anything and I will need to adapt my project accordingly.


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