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With the Bad comes the good…



I have always been taught to look for the silver lining, as with every cloud there is one ‘apparently’. I think this is a optamists view of the world, a pessimist might say that following every silver lining there is bound to be another cloud! It’s hard to decided if I am a pessimist or a optamist, I see my fair share of clouds but also I can point out the silver linings, however they do seem to always be followed by another cloud!

My situation is somewhat different from some of the other people on my course, I have a child, another on the way and commute (an hour away). It makes it all the more important that I am on the ball, ready for action and either in step or one ahead of what I should be achieving. However I keep coming across clouds, like when the individuals who are running the course change very important dates, such as the degree show!!! It was first planned to be the last week of May and has now been moved to the first week of June. This is fine for those who are still arranging exhibition areas and have not taken it upon themselves to get an alternative space in the community like was suggested by members of staff….however as already explain I try to get things sorted either by deadline or in advance. I now have a Gallery space booked and paid for a week early than the actual show….brillaint.

But today I have decided I am going to be a optamist, I have been granted a deferral due to the impending birth of my second child (due two days before the hand in date for the project work). So I am going to use this extension of time to my advantage, I am going to use this exhibition space to exhibit my photography work but I am also going to see if I can get some performance work going and possibly record the exhibition and edit it to be an addition to my work. These are only first ideas but if you are provided with lemons why not try at least to make lemonade…even if it still tastes bitter.





One of my ongoing life issues is my brain, I have periods of seemly not being able to start it and other moments when I just can’t shut it off. Often these periods of not being able to shut it off are when I am trying to sleep and generally the reason it will not shut off it that I have something niggling at the back of my brain like a bed bug (not literally). I know that something is bugging me and I want to ignore it because I need to sleep but I can’t untill I finally figure out exactly what it is that is irritating me so much.

Recently my lack of sleep has been due to a number of things, one being my project and the issues I am currently having surrounding it which are the following:

Subjects for the images, coherent explanation of the project, the actual shots and the project title.


The issue I am having with subjects for the images is that I have been talking to people about my project and have had some positive responses but getting together with people is proving an issue. One subject who si very willing is currently in the army, another just yesterday under went a major operation so I feel a bit like I am running thin on models. I do have other models but they currently wish to remain anonymous as do quite a few, which I expected to be the majority. I have a women who is very willing and able but timing is an issue with her as she has children, animals, parents to take care of. I also have a male who is also very willing to help in any way he can but is also very nervous.

The other major issue I am having is explaining my project to people without putting them off, this has kept me up a lot at night, thinking of different ways to approach it, it’s a different kettle of fish explaining it to professionals in presentation mode. When it comes to potential subjects it’s a lot harder.

I have contacted the local radio station and asked if they could help with getting people interested in what I am doing. I sent the following e-mail:






Thank you for the phone conversation earlier.


As discussed the following is what I am currently doing and require.

 I require about 12 people who be willing to talk to me about their life experiences and have some photographs taken and stories recorded. The images will be part of my final degree project at Coventry University. The subjects can be male or female and any age. The stories/ experiences can be about anything at all and from as recent or as long ago as they like.


The project is currently untitled but is basically looking how life physically affects people, and a kind of celebration of what our bodies go through just by living.


I need people ASAP with a deadline being The first week in April.

 The following are my contact details:

Name: Mrs Charlotte Gunn

 E-mail: charlotte20242003@hotmail.com
Landline: 01295 270567

Mobile: 077884738810

Thank you for all your help.
Many Thanks
Charlotte Gunn (Charlie)




To boil my project down to a sentance, two sentance is difficult, people could take it the wrong way. A couple of night ago I just though I know I will change the project but that would be defeatist. I have not seamed to have yet had any fead back so I am not even sure what people actually think of it which is making it difficult but I am passionate that it will be brillaint when I am done.

The above e-mail is the current way I am resorting to get subjects/models, being very vague as its not easy to just aks people, “Do you have any scars/stretch marks unusual marks on your body I could photography?” It would be a lot easier if I worked in an enviroment with easy access to individuals that are likely to have thes kinds of features such as an old age home or hospital but then I also feel that would be taking advantage of people in vounerable situations! Its a difficult one!

I did start off my search for subjects by contacting friends and family either by e-mail or text and even had lunch with a actor who is dating a friend of mine, to see if he had any contacts.

I think that by taking about my project in a way which explains that its looking at the affect of life on the body is a better way to come accross to people. I want to look at what our bodies go through to get us to age, 30, 50, 60, 70….. what does the affect fo time leave behind if you have ahcild, an oppertaion to correct something? What does time leave us with what do we grow or lose and how do we emotionally adjust to this?



The actual shots


For a while now I have been debating over studio or no studio shots. I have had lot of oppertunity to be in a studio when I worked for venture and the images can come out very polished and well lit as you ahev all the tolls to manipulate the light, create the affect you want. Where as without a studio you cna be at the mercey fo the light you have, you need to look for the light. You cna take equipment alonge with you but that can be very invasive depending on the shot you want. I have been looking a other photographers work to try and help me think and plan this through But I still have not made a decision, I am going to blog about some of my research in my next post.

Alos the other issue with the shots has been peoples anonamitity, full body shots could reval the identity fo the individual if I am shooting something quite sensative and I ahve some models who do not want to be identified. IMalgemating the two wants of shoting as a final set is currently a concern to me, massive landscape style images of parts fo the body against protraite shots?? Carucci does it well in different collections as she links them through themes so this is something I can currently considering, I just need to be very sure in the editing stages of the work.



The project Title


The title of this project is also soemthing that is keeping me up at night, ti doe snot sound right… STAMP… it does not mean as much so this is currently under reconsideration in my mind. I want it to be more sympathetic, again a lack of feedback from professionals within Coventry Univerity is not been helpful but I will see where my thoughts take me on this one… currently thinking about The Symptoms of life… but need to test drive it for a while.


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