Photographers and Studio’s

Getting started


So I’ve started thinking about what kind of shots I want and what I want to get accross in my work. I started to think about looking at presentation and how to get photographic subjects.

What I have also been thinking about an exploring are studios in the local area, that I cuodl possibly hire out. I have also been contacting local photographers who could give me some advice/ideas on the project. One photographer who I have known of for a couple of years is Jodie Cooling. She has a studio based in a rural location in North Oxfordshire, bordering Warwickshire.  I ahve had the pleasure of seeing Jodie in action and sitting for her aswell. She is very passionate about what she does and talented as she is able to work well with people of all ages and animals, particuarly horses. I have recently sent her an e-mail as I am aware she does hire out her studio and would be someone who could give excellent advice as to composition and formatt of my work.

Check out her website for yourself:



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