Memory – Artefact and beyond

What I want to try and do!

Memory Artefact – idea, thought and planning??

So I’ve tried stop motion animation and although I have had slight success I have no passion for it, well thats not true I did have a passion for it but not now. I have done a brainstorm which I should have already posted on hear for memory, I could not stop thinking about my Daughter, this year is her first Christmas and our first Christmas with us, it is very unlikely she will remember any of this, but I wonder if the facination that grows within all children as they get older about christmas stems from these early Christmas experiences they have had. We have recently been discussing in 300MC that a majority of our memory is constructed by the world around us, the rules which we as a society/ culture live buy. Children who are 5, 6, 7 + are currently in a highly capatalist society where consumer consumption is a driving force in the economy, what’s the newist toy we can get is on the other side of the deal what is the news toy we can market to kids. It makes me sad as my daughter is only 7 months old but soon she is going to be wanting the newist toy advertisted after her favorite TV programe (currently Micky Mouse Club House!).

But in my mind I like to believe that at the moment the wonder of christmas is restricted to the interestingly jolly song, flashing lights on houses, christmas trees and shinny wrapping paper……how simple but amazing.  What an interesting idea to capture this way of seeing the holiday, so simplistic it could actually be really boring but with the right video capture and sound it could actually be really interesting.

I had to pop this festive Youtube video on hear but it is nothing like what I have in mind for the Memory artefact!! You will just have to see what I produce as it is going to be totally inspired by what my daughter is facinated with when we start to put up the christmas light which is tonight!!!


Just some info I am keeping in mind, babies do not always see the same way we do they develope there eye sight gradually like there teeth although not as painful for them (bless them!!) I have popped some info on hear that I am going to keep in mind:

Sight in Babies

Unless she has a vision impairment, your baby can see from birth. As she grows, she’ll use her eyes to take in massive amounts of information about the world around her, which in turn will stimulate her
brain development and lead to physical accomplishments such as sitting, rolling over, crawling, and walking.

How it develops

Your baby’s sight develops somewhat gradually, unlike her
hearing, which is fully mature by the end of her first month. At birth, her vision is pretty fuzzy, though she can make out light, shapes, and movement. She can see only about eight to 15 inches / 20 to 30.5 centimetres – just far enough to clearly make out the face of the person holding her. That suits her because your face is the most interesting thing to your baby at this age, followed by high-contrast items such as black and white chessboard patterns, so be sure to put in a lot of eye-to-eye time.

Your baby’s sight will gradually improve, until at about eight months she’ll see just as well as you do.

One month
At birth your baby didn’t know how to use her eyes together, so they may have wandered randomly. But by the time she’s one or two months old she’ll have learned to focus both eyes and will be able to track a moving object (though she may already have been able to do this for brief periods since birth). A simple rattle passed in front of her face will often transfix her, or you can play eyes-to-eyes by moving very close to her face and slowly moving your head from side to side; often her baby blues will lock onto yours.

Two months
Babies see colour from birth, but they have difficulty distinguishing similar tones such as red and orange. As a result they often prefer black and white or high-contrast colours. But between the ages of two months and four months, colour differences become clearer, and your baby starts to distinguish between similar shades. As a result, she’ll probably begin to show a preference for bright primary colours and more detailed and complicated designs and shapes. Encourage this by letting her look at bright pictures, photos,
books, and toys. For the next couple of months, she’ll also be perfecting her object-tracking skills.

Four months
Sometime around now your baby will begin to develop depth perception which helps her to see how far away something is from her. She’ll also be gaining better control over her arms, so this new visual development comes at just the right time to help her grab for things such as hair and earrings much more accurately.

Five months
At this point your baby will be getting better at spotting very small objects and tracking moving things. She may even be able to recognise an object after seeing only part of it – the basis of little hide-and-seek games you can play in the coming months. Most five-month-olds have already learned to distinguish between similar bold colours, and now they’ll begin to sort out subtle differences in pastels.

Eight months
Your baby’s vision – previously about 20/40 at best – will be almost adultlike in its clarity and depth perception at this point. Though her short-range will still be better than her long-range sight, at eight months her vision will be good enough to recognise people and objects across a room. At this age her eyes will also probably be close to their final colour, though you may see subtle changes after that.


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