UPDATE Memory : 10 Significant things!

10 Significant Things in My Life


We have been asked to blog about 10 significant things in our life as part of thinking about the Memory project.

It took me a while to come up with just 10 as when I started thinking about it I managed to come up with many more but I have narrowed it down to the following 10 things:

  1. The birth of my daughter, I created life, I nurtured it into being and I still help her grow, learn and in the future help her fend for herself.
  2. Meeting my husband, without meeting him I would not be where or who I am now, he inspires, encourages and supports my decisions and failures.
  3. Getting married, I simply never thought I would, so much so that when I used to think about it I glosses over the actual idea of it and just go to the part about being married with children, so who knew.
  4. My grandfather dying, on my birthday, it’s not a nice one but its a big one for me and significant for who I think I mentally am.
  5. My Great grandmother passing, she was like my Grandmother as my actual Grandmother was not around and I still miss our chats today, as I got older I found it easier to talk and relate to her as she has such a wealth of information and love.
  6. My childminder who was like a second Mum to me at points in my life dying and being told she has Terminal Cancer, I don’t think I have ever cried so hard, with other people deaths it was either expected or I was to young to feel it totally but with this I thought she owed be around forever.
  7. GettIng an A in Art at GCSE, as no one thought i could do it, and at least I have one A to show off!
  8. The first argument I had with Becky Merriman as now looking back at it four years ago it is the reason we are friends because she is so passionate about things that you know it’s a good thing when she argues with you.
  9. My mother getting ill in 2001, it was the first time I thought I was not going ot see her again in the way is was but in fact she came out of the situation changed, for the better, a better outlook on life.
  10. My dad telling me how proud he was of me for getting into University and then congratulating me when I told him we were expecting our second child.

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