UPDATE..Power, The shoot

Update… progress for the POWER project


I really enjoyed the shoot I did with my subject today. I got lots of images and have edited them down and am in the process of loading them up now. What went well was that I really got a feel for her personality not just what she would present to a stranger so I was pleased with that. I found it really difficult to think about what I actually wanted when I was there, I felt a bit like I should have planned it better but then in my mind I was thinking that is the point you don’t want the planned shot you want the one in between what you ask the subject to do.

I decided to put my own spin on things and write some of the words I had noted down she had said or things I got the impression of as we talked before the shoot. I was really pleased with the result of these shots as I tried different techniques with the camera and came out with different effects.

The following are a selection of shot that I captured but did not use for my actual piece of work:

The reason I chose not to use these images is that they did not reflect her mood and attitude, they just seamed like shots to me, just images I had taken with her consent. To see my artifact you will need to click on the POWER page at the top of this blog roll.


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