Planing for Power

Power Artefact Plan and Influence


As previously mentioned I’ve changed my thoughts on power and am now following the idea of looking at identity, specifically what we present to others to show our Identity, so in a sence its the power that comes with presenting our identity….however it might work out slightly differently. The reason I say this is because I want to try working like Diane Arbus, I currently feel very inspired by the way in which she approached photography as a posed to someone like Elinor Curucci (featured below) who has stuck close to working with her family and Nan Goulding who did studys of her friends Arbus went out into situations where she must have felt uncomfortable but she was also so curious she needed to see and experience it for herself. 

Carucci LipsAndHair


Image by Nan Golding


I am not discounting the influence Golding and Curruci have on my work as a whole as they have been very influential to a lot of my work within photography, I have previously been experimenting with the techniques of looking closer at subjects and following a situation such as my daughter as she grows and I would evidence both Goldings and Currucis influences within my work. But I want Arbus influence to be seen within this piece of work as I like the idea of studying a subject and getting the one shot that says a lot about the person more than just what is on the surface. 



I have found a subject a female about 28 years old who is a photographer by trade. She is married and has one child a son. She has kindly agreed to let me use her as my subject for this piece of work (experiment – as I am trying out something new and am not confident of what the results will be). I have agreed to meet her today after I had a phone conversation with her about it and have already meet up with her a few times and agreed to do the shoot in the comfort of her own home. 

I have asked her to have three objects to hand that she feels represents her identity as I feel I need a starting point to discuss herself with me. I don’t necessarily want to focus on the objects but on her and get a feel for her personality and how she deals with situations. I feel that people tend to identify more with what type of person you are than what you bring with you. 

I am looking forward to the shoot today and editing the images tonight. I will post up the images and how I think the shoot went. later today


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