UPDATE….Power Project

Power Project – Identity (Diane Arbus influence)


(update on power project, influence/research and Idea development)


So as previously mentioned on my blog my first ideas on power have not worked out, this is a shame as I felt good about them but I am starting to find it difficult to concentrate on my work as home life commitments and illness are playing a major part in my life right now, but am trying to work through them….trying…trying.

After another look back at my brainstorm the other day I decided to look more into the theme identity, I decided ot have a chat with a friend and bounce some ideas off of her. The more I talked about identity the more questions came up. Hear are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How do we define our own identity?

  • How do we recognised others identity?

  • Identity in society is very important, we are allowed certain things because of it!

  • The film Identity talks about linked purposes, are we all linked??


After about 20 minutes I started to feel very uncomfortable like I was delving into something way t big and unachievable by thinking far to int this at this stage, If I want to talk it further for my final project it would be a good idea to start more basically!!

One of the most basic identity topics I started discussing with a friend was how do we show our personal unique identity, or what would someone recognised you buy, ie possessions, movements, frases etc??

I think I started thinking like this as recently I watched a film called Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

I loved the film, I just found it so interesting, I guess it played out a fantasy for me, I’ve always wanted to be a bold person and do things that others would not, go that step further but I am to timid to do this, I don’t like attention drawn upon myself (I used to but have been burned).

I started to research Arbus online and found some really interesting stuff, I will start by providing a link to quote from her about life, her work and her subjects,


The quote I really like is the last one, “I see someone on the street and immediate I notice a flaw”. The funny thing is that I love to people watch, out of windows when walking along the streets and my imagination goes wild, if I could make an artefact around that it would be amazing, but would take a lot of time and planning and I just don’t have the time or skill at the moment but I will add it to my to do or to think about list!!!

Another thing I got from the movie and research I did after was the following statement

“By the early ’60s, her commercial portraits, for magazines such as Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar , began to assume a distinctive look. Though taken of mainly traditional subjects — actors, writers, activists — they were strange and obscurely troubling. She would spend hours with her subjects, following them to their homes or offices, talking and listening to them, trying to soften them up to the point where they began to drop their public façade”

This is what I realised I liked about the film about her and her work, it was troubling, strange and obscure!, It was not like what you would see n the cover of Vogue or Take a Break but was of people just like the fashion mags but the sides and types of people who people did not want to see or have revealed. It’s as thought Arbus was an x-ray machine able to see through the first layers and down to the bone, showing the true nature of the object she studied.

I have decided I want to try something like this. I want to see someone from a different point of view, but it’s not going to happen first time and finding a subject is not going to be that easy, as yes there are people but people I can really deeply study…… I might not get what I want but at least I can try!!


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