Update on the Power Artefact

Trouble can sometimes be a oppertunity…..

(Reflection on current work on power artefact)

So, I wanted to create a sound piece for the power artifact, I decided it would be an interpretation of a missing person situation. The obstruction is to make it 1 minute 30 exactly and to show some sort of thought process on this blog.

So far I have started getting people to record messages on my mobile phone answer phone and then using a maranze I have been recording them on to sound recordings, but I am not sure its working and not what I wanted to reflect.

I wanted to create something that really nips at the emotional peace within the audiences soul. But I just don’t seem to be able to pull that off, I have never been totally in a situation of panic where a family member or I have gone missing. I contacted my local police missing persons unit to find out how they would deal with the situation and what involvement they would have and got a good response but totally different from what I expected.

Firstly the police don’t leave messages on a voicemail to the family of the loved ones of the individual who has gone missing, but they do leave messages on the missing persons voicemail. This made me think that I should change the artefact so that a member of the missing persons unit should call the missing individual and as a result the missing person contact their family again.

But when I thought about it more, why would the person be prompted to contact their family after one phone call from the police or support group and not from distressed phone calls from there parents or loved ones. This made me think that if it did play out this way the person would be someone who craves attention rather than a person actually facing a crisis or having suffered a terrible assault or someone who has been abducted.

I want to create something that is well thought out and researched and not something that is put together from my point of view from a situation that I actually have no idea about, the only reason that I decided to go down this route was because of how emotional I have been feeling at the time and I could only focus on that aspect of my brain storm and not be more creative. .

In reflection I think that when brain storming ideas I need to think clearly about the subject I am thinking about and not get side tracked by my current emotional state, I also think that two weeks is not long enough to think clearly as you must have idea after idea after idea and you have to work through them, cross them off and not just settle on the first one that seem to be something you could do.

Fresh Thinking:

Looking back at my original ideas and thoughts on power from the mind map


and from the three ideas I first started thinking about and researching


I was not thinking very creatively, I was focusing on what I thought I could do, I need to be interested and enjoy the projects I am making and I also need to think freshly as getting stuck in a rut does not help the creative thoughts flow or develope.

looking back at my mind map another area of thought was Identity,

Identity is something I would think everyone thinks, struggles and is involved in at some point or throughout the entirety of your life, but what do you focus on as identity is a massive subject. Do I look at myself or do I look at someone else. Due to time constraints, both in terms of the time given to complete the project and the obstruction of the actual artefact being 1 minute 30 seconds I should focus on myself, my identity, possibly how it’s changed due to having a family, or I could focus on a close family relative, how has their identity changed, say from Mother to Grandmother or Father to Grandfather???

Another avenue I could explore is appearance as part of identity and power, no matter what you tell yourself or what others tell you appearance matters a lot. Since secondary school I would confess to having changed my appearance in an attempt to change my identity a number of times because of many reasons, reasons that include wanting control over my life and my choices, wanting to change the past and wanting to control my future. One way in which I tried to control my identity was through make up, clothing, hair and overall style.

I wanted to take control of my thoughts on the topic so that I don’t get trapped by my emotions like I have previously done so I decided to have a look at the online dictionary definition and from that I will take time to think more about the project:

From Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary


Identity noun

/aɪˈden.tɪ.ti/US pronunciation symbol/-t ̬ ə.t ̬i/ n [C or U]
Who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group which make them different from others

Used in a sentances to better understand the terms:

The man’s identity was being kept secret while he was helping police with enquiries.
I cannot reveal the identity of my source.
The informant was given a new identity (= a different name and new official documents) for protection.
The newspaper photo apparently showed him in Rome but it was a case of mistaken identity (= it was the wrong person).
In prison people often suffer from a loss of identity.
I think my job gives me a sense of identity.

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