Plan for Artefact

Plan for the Artefact

Power Artefact – planning and ideas

As you can read in the e-mail I sent to the source I contacted I want to produce a sound recording which could be used as a radio or television (with a black screen image possibly of photographes) based on the idea of a missing person.

The reason I have decided to do this kind of project as when researching the idea POWER I felt pulled towards the emotonal aspct of power. Campaigns have drawn upon emotions as a powerful force time and time again. I have already blogged about research into this kind of idea with the youtube posts of simlar heart pulling campagns by organisations such as the NSPCC and Cancer research.

I thought about missing people because with the technology available to us now it is very easy for us to get in contact wit one another where as 10-15 years ago we would have had to set up specific times to contact each other in order to get to a phone to contact specicif people to let them know. I remember the first time I had a mobile phone when I was in secondary school, it was such a relief to have more freedom and be able to contact my parents to let them know I was on my way home or just safe.

I first started thinking about this an decided to talk to my fmaily about it to find out what kind of effects me disapearing would have on them.

wedding day 5

My Mum and myself on my wedding day.


My mother will tell anyone that asks that as a child I was morbid, not generally morbid but interested in the morbid facts of life, like death. I was also facinated i the other how do we tlak to our child subject such as sex, more brothers and sisters etc. So generally I was a little bit of a curiosity nightmere.  When I started talking about this project to her, she spent the first minutes or so takling about me as a child (as above). After this she then started discussing the reactions a Mother would have if she could not get hold of her child. We then talked about diffeent situations because the thoughts I had not thought about were things like the age, the relatioships she or he would have, how long ould it be before she was noticed to be missing. Basically she gave me a lot to think about!!!

weddding day 8

My husband and I on our wedding day at the evening do, I had a few to glases of wine.


My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 years and married over a year. I wanted to get his point of view on a missing person, on me as a missing person. The great thing about being with a partner is they remember situations you don’t . My husband remind me of a recent event about a month after our daugter was born. I was running late getting into town and had not charged my mobile. I did not leave a note at home because I thought I coud just run into town and get done what I needed to do and then meet my husband from work. The problem was that as I arrived to my husbands work place he drove out of the carpark, not seeing me in his rear view miror. He then drove home to an empty house and panicked. I was in the process of walking home with the shopping and buggy in th heat (mid summer). It might seam strange that my husband panicked but from his position I and his new born litle girl were somewhere else other than where we should be, I was vonerable with a new baby being shattered and well its odviouse how our daughter was vonerable. I remember seeing the relief on my husbands face after getting home. In the time it took me to get home he had frantically been making phone calls, to my Mother, Brother, his Mother anywhere he tought I could have gone.

What I decided

From talkign to two key people in my life who could be in the situation I am proposing it helped me decided the following things:

* I am not going to base the recording on myself ,

*I want to have some realism in it and show modern technology,

* I want there to be a story line to it,

* I want it to happen in a quick amount of time,

* It must be emotionally pulling,

* A police element will be involved but not in the way I was orginall thinking,

* The person missing needs to be slightly mature, possibly early 20’s.

I want to have the sound recording start as if someone is listening to a voicemail (this is meant ot be interepreted in ots of different ways by the audience). I want to have 4 recordings on the voicemail.

1. First call from the mother, concern s a meeting did not happen and called around to friends but none knows where you are

2. Phone call from a service such a library confirming an order ready to collect , to give some normality to the recording and mystry – has this person be abducted kind of errar about it??

3. Phone clal from friend, conserned, contacted by the mother and contacting the person to try and find them,

4. Phone call from Mother, saying she’s calling the police, she can’t get hold of her, pleading wiht her to contact her, anyone!

5. The recording then needs to have a phoen ringing sound and the mother picking up and then a Male man saying he is PC blah Blah and they have found her, and then a MUM and it ends.


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