Practical Research – I needed to speak to someone.

Primary research part1


Research, ideas, facts, figures there is only so much isolation I can take. I want my work to be real and reflective of reality. I also want it to inspire others and possibly make a difference, maybe if I made someone and posted it on here then someone would see it and use the idea and actually make a difference with it??After initial researching I decided to call a living person. I got through to an unnamable source. I explained that I was researching for my degree and was interested i the process in my local area for missing persons. She forwarded my details on to an unanable person who could help. They later called and left a voicemail on my phone asking me to e-mail her with some information I sent the following e-mail the e-mail address and names have been removed upone request as this is a live blog roll.

Missing persons research, Coventry University, Mrs Charlotte Gunn‏
From: Offline Charlotte Gunn (charlotte20242003@hotmail.com)
Sent: 10 November 2009 11:30:22


Thank you for getting in touch with myself, apologies for not being able to answer at the time. I am a Media Production student at Coventry University and am working creatively to produce work which will be a foundation for a portfolio when I graduate. I am currently researching under the theme of POWER.

When thinking about POWER I was draw to emotional aspects especially advertising and how organisations grab the attention of individuals to get them to notice the cause. Adverts I have been looking at range from the Cancer research adverts to the NSPCC child protection adverts. These are all very emotional hard-hitting adverts.

I wanted to find out from my local service the following:

* What happens when someone first calls in to report a missing person?
* At what point do the police contact family/friends etc in order for them to help locate the person?
* Do you have any statistics about missing persons in the Oxfordshire area or where can I find these?
* If you found belonging from a missing person would you contact the family to notify them?

The piece I am currently working on is a sound recording as if the messages on a missing persons voicemail are being listened to buy someone (up to the audiences interpretation). My current plan is that the last piece of the recording would be a message left on a relative of the missing persons voicemail from the local police informing them of something but the word fade out after the initial introduction of who the caller is leaving the audience to wonder. I would also like to add some statistics at the end of the piece as to the missing persons stats and a number to call if anyone has info on a missing person.

This is not for anything official but I am trying to be as professional as possible and make this piece accurate, hard-hitting but also realistic.

I completely understand if you read this e-mail and feel as if this is not an area you can help with and in no way would I like to waste your time but any help would be greatly appreciate.

I have not completed all my research but you can view my work in progress blog at the following link:

The blog is where we upload all of our thoughts and research so our lecturers can see our progress and mark us as we complete the chosen tasks. As I said earlier not all my research and thoughts have been uploaded yet but I am working on it slowly.

I have started recording my artefact and so far its coming along fine. Two out of the four voicemail messages for Emma have been recorded and am looking into the other three.

I am currently waiting for a response to this e-mail and will upload any kind of response I get back. For now I will keep researching online.

Many Thanks
Mrs Charlotte Gunn (Charlie)


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