Following my photography

It’s just so much fun!

(thinking about the medium I enjoy working in and research into two practicing photographers)


One of the things that was made clear to us when we were first introduced to this new term/ new year was that we should enjoy what we were doing. Projects, activities and works of art fulfill their potential or come out best when the person who is making them really enjoys themselves.

I really enjoy photography, there is something about capturing an image, seeing others don’t. I like ot imagine that when I walk down the street I may notice or feel things about it that others don’t and thats what I wold like to capture when I take photo’s. When I was training with Venture in the studio doing portraits photography I also liked to think the same. I wanted to capture a moment in time or an emotion they could relate to and be amazed by every time they saw the image.


This is By Anna Gebbes, she is a brilliant artist who from reading her blog has the most wonderful experiences and ideas. If you like this kind of stuff look at her blog, buy her calendar they are very beautiful.

I have never really found theos calendars with pictures of dressed up children or animals doing weird unnatural animal thing appealing, I enjoy shots where you have capture the dog just as or after he has piled into or out of a load of leaves, tongue hanging out bounding with joy, thats my kind of calendar shot.

Two of my friends are professional photographers, they have both taught me a great deal about photography but also about the naturel way to see a shot in your mind and also techniques for working with children, animals and equipment. They are a great source of inspiration and help in everything I develope and are always there to help question my ideas or thought with encouragement added in there too.


Abi Moore is a freelance photographer who I have had the opportunity of being a subject for. She currently works part-time for Venture new generation portrait studio in Northampton whilst working freelance. I decided to follow Moore’s work after a portrait session with her and later finding out online that she had her own business. She has a beautiful portfolio that reflects the subjects personalities and the situation surrounding the image. You can see her commissioned portraits on her website at the following address:


One thing I like about Moore’s work is that it’s very uplifting and personal. I contacted Abie to gain some in site into her work and influences. I have since learned who diverse her work really is as this is not reflected wholly in her website as it is dedicated towards a specific market. Moore originally studied architecture going on to photography. Moore has  been only to kind to help me by phone and with friendly meetings to discuss my work and confidence in photography. She has encouraged me to explore other mediums as well as photography to help inspire the work I produce. She encourages me to keep searching for inspiration and points me into the directions of different artists. She also encourages me to look at new artists and current photographers within all area of the art/industry.

Moore’s soft focus and artistic after effects give her images another level, she has also introduces me into creating light effects in situations where you can not get the appropriate or desired light.


Jane Wood is another freelance photographer her work is very varied from landscapes to portrait, she has worked for a number fo different photograph companies in the area in some case revolutionising the practise in some of the studios by introducing more modern interactions with clients.

Her work is very fresh and uses light to its fullest capabilities.  I have known and been inspired by Jane since late 2007 when I had the unique opportunity to work at Venture Banbury for a placement, going on to work within their exhibitions department.

Towards the end of the time I was with Venture I did little photography which I regret but had brilliant experiences as both the Exhibitions representative and later the manager. I was lucky enough to have guidance from Wood as she was the Studio manager at the time.

I am still inspired by Wood’s ongoing works. She is always trying new techniques and has recently been discussing Lomo photography with myself, and I will be uploading my research in this on this blog at a later date. Wood’s current success leads her to starting her own business with a colleague working within the wedding and family portrait industry. one thing that I have discussed with Jane and noticed about her work is that she does very little to the image after taking it but uses the camera to its full effect. She actively looks for the light, this I quote from her ‘take me more time that possibly other photographers but I find it affective’. What make her work different and interesting in my opinion to the average person is the combination of excellent camera work and personal repour with her clients. Jane Wood has kindly allowed me to show some of her work from various sets of work:

Jane Wood

Jane Wood

Jane Wood

Jane Wood

Jane Wood

Jane wood

Jane Wood

Jane wood

Jane Wood

I understand that we need to explore other mediums of work in my case, film, stop motion and video but I am so taken by photography. I sometimes think that I should have done a photography degree, but I have enjoyed learning and discussing the theory behind media production and the thought process that goes beyond still images.

I really enjoyed the spectacle project we have done and am finding it difficult to think about power as I am interested in following the lines of interest I have and had when thinking about spectacle but know I should be thinking about doing something different.

Looking at other artists work has really helped me see that there are limitations to photography and that I do need to explore other mediums, but it has also lit a fire inside my brain making me want to try out new techniques.

I have a telefocal lense with a macro mode and would like to try using this and seeing what I get, but I am not sure how I should [resent that, should I label it within Power or Memory or should I just site it on my blog as looking towards my final project???


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