Ideas for Power

Thinking about the artefact!


I have been thinking about POWER and have come up with three different ideas. The following ideas are not listed in order of interest just in the order I have typed them. They come from my mind mapping and then research into someone of the different avenues I have been exploring with power:




I would like to do an experiment, I would need 6 people, these 6 people would need to be of mixed sex, mixed age and mixed backgrounds.

I would set up a room with two recording devices, one which recorded sound only and one which recorded images and sound.

The room would have no windows and normal things in a room like chairs, tables, computers etc.

The six people would be led into the room blind folded and then spun around. No lights would be on in the room and the door would be closed with the six people inside. They would be allowed to remove the blind fold when the door was closed. They would then simply be asked to vacate the room (the room that i now in total darkness).

The room would be littered with chairs and the people would most likely come into contact with other people.

My intention with this would be to see how the people reacted ot losing control of their enviroment and one of there senses, sight.

It would create a sound recording and visual affects. I would also have a video camera shooing the outside of the door.



I have already featured research in my blog on someone of the adverts I have found on YOUTUBE that I would consider powerfully emotional, they are usually made by organisations that deal with the unpleasant side of life-like child abuse, car accidents and cancer.

I would like to create a sound recording that would be based on the idea of a missing person. It would be as if someone was listening to the voicemail mssages left on a missing persons voicemail.

There would be for recordings on the persons voicemail and the last recording would be on the police getting in touch with a relative to inform them of something but the message fades out leaving the audience wondering about the circumstances of the disappearance and the reason for the police call.

Out of the 4 recordings on the missing persons mobile one would be from a concerned friend, one would be a boring message from a service of some kind (giving it more mystery did she run away, was she abducted), a concerned message from a mother and then another message form the mother pleading with the person to come home.



We were introduced to the idea of making a photo journalistic study for POWER by Nic Middleton. I have been playing with this idea in my head and have been thinking about doing a study of  my links to my home town. For example my great Grandmother was born in a now abandoned chemist in a centre street of the town.

I would chose place, locations where I coul tell a story with the image.

This wold be presented in either a book format or i an exhibition format. If I were to present it in an exhibition format I would also chose to record sound with it to give it an extra layer of feeling.


I am currently not sure which idea I like the best so might start working on them all and see which one I get more involved with. With idea 3 I wold like the weather to be a little bit better to complete it as I do not want to damage the equipment by taking it out in the rain. I also need to put more research into Idea 2 as I would like it to be as realistic as possible. Idea 1 I think I would need to ask advice from a lecturer or staff member at Uni as I have an idea of a room to use but not sure if they would let me use it for that purpose??


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