Bring thought from the diagram..power mind map

Extracting from the mind map


My mind map was split into personal, economic, scientific, media and cultural and further in each of these sections. So far my thoughts have been directed towards personal power, emotions specifically. The controlling and manipulation of emotions is something I came to light when looking into past works at the Sensation Exhibition – this research is noted in a previouse post.


Stanford Prison Experiement, Blindness

For some reason the thoughts I have had towards scientific power do not excite me or interest me. I am interested in how you can have control using power, for example we can switch a light bulb on and off, what affect does this have, on us on the enviroment? I am interested in looking into a lack of control? How could I control someone?

One of my first thoughts was to think of a blind person and what control and experience would they have so I decided to do some simple research, very quickly and very easily I ofudn a page about the myths of blindness and blind people. The following paragraph sprang out at me:

When you’re blind, all you can see is blackness, or darkness.

People who are completely blind do not actually see blackness, or darkness. They really see nothing at all. It’s rather hard to explain, unless you’ve actually experienced it yourself. The best way to put it would be, seeing blackness or darkness would be seeing something wouldn’t it? So to be completely blind would mean that you can’t even see that.

You can find out more about some myth of blindness and the blind at this website:



This got me thinking it is easy to put a blind fold over someone and tell them to walk around but they could be fermiluar with the currounding and you could call it an experiement inot what it would be like to be blind, but what if I took away control of a situation from a group of subjects?? What would happen?

I was thinking abour this and then saw an episode of Veronic Mars which depicted a simlar prison experiment to the orginal famous experiement in Stanford Universityin 1971. So I have been looking at Youtube fottage of the documentray made about it.


I have also found the offical website for the experiement which has a slide show documenting the different parts of the process and images taken at the time:


I have known about this experiement through word of mouth for a long time but have never really lookied into it.  A realy interesting text talking about the experiement is the following website:


After telling us about the experiement including method, reasoning behind it and conculsion by psychologist Philip Zimbardo the creater of the experiement Martyn Shuttleworth the author of the document suggests that it does not reflect a real prison situation and that the initial advertisments for the experiment could have had violent tendancey to begin with. Although the conclusions of thauthor are contraditory as prison inmates can also have violent tendancies I have come to agree with him after watching accounts and other recreated attempts (ie Veronica Mars). However I do think that it serves as an interesting example of power and the portrayle of power.



My thoughts now have been inspired by the idea of photo journalism that we were introduced to in the most recent lecture with Nic Middleton





An image part of a photo journalism study by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Posted on Time photo gallery. The study is called Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline.

At the moment I am not quite sure where this fits in with my mind map on power but I am sure I can squeeze in a thought or two on the side.

I have always enjoyed taking photos and watching people. When I was younger my Dad used to take me and my family to Oxford and we we do shopping (my Mum’s thing) and then go and look round at the amazing buildings and parts of the centre of Oxford. I remember as a child seeing massive head and beautiful buildings that seamed to reach up to the sky. I was reminded of places like ancient Greece and Rome but also felt the buzz (I still feel today) of being someone that has pysically been there for centuries. I have always wanted to capture the alure and power certain parts of Oxford have over me and my connection with it but am unsure how. I recently got the oppertunity to be in Oxford and took some pictures. IT was an amazingly bright day and I really enjoyed wondering around the places I was first taken to as a child.

These are some images I have recently taken myself:


Oxford 01, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 01, Charlotte Gun sept, 2009

Oxford 07, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 07, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 06, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 06, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 05, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 05, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 04, Charlote Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 04, Charlote Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 03, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 03, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 02, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

Oxford 02, Charlotte Gunn, Sept 2009

When taking these images I had in mind the feelings I had as a child looking at the grandure and magnificence of the buildings. I wanted to capture a feeling of being a child and feeling the force of the buildingd above you, the feeling of them towering above you with knowledge and insite (having seen soaked up more than we could ever do in our lifetime). I explain this because I feel this gives a reason as to why there apear to be angles to the images as if looking up form below.

My mind wonders about what others ways I could capture the feeling of power in an image? I have thought about the idea of capturing the rain in an image or possibly a drip, natures life force, without rain things die.

Another thought I have been pondering latley is my connection with the places in my own home town, Soemthing always brings me back to Banbury, where I was born and its more than just family.

I was born in Banbury in 1985 and both sides of my family were either close by or living in the same town, after 5 years my Gradfather died and his wife Ann moved some time after this. My Uncles on my mothers side have gradually moved further and further away with there families. My Dad family although largly still in the same town have also disperced even as far a field as America. My family like all other are complicated and sometimes close and others not. We get together for family occassions and common powerful feeling and memories are braought up as most of the current family originated in this area. I can even walk down a particular street in this town and point out the exact spot where my Great Grandmother was born around 1902. I wnder how easy it is to portraye a connection wiht a building in a photograph??


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