Deeper thought into ideas for POWER!

Thoughts into power – EMOTION

Looking at my collegues who have been bloggin about power they seam to have simlar thoughts to myself,




  • It can mean anything
  • we can do anythig  with it
  • endless possabilities

Then why did I seam to have hit a block when thinking about creative ideas. Working on a mind map that I uploaded in my previouse post helped me think about different lines I could go down. Going in today and listening to the lecture ans seminar actualy helped inspire me. During thought development and research for Spectacle I had my ow thorughts and ideas already but before today I was a bit of a blank page on POWER.

Just beofre I explore more ideas I want to add to my previouse mind map but with more personal connotation of power.

  • The first time my baby does something new – emotional
  • watching sea horses on television and then seeing then in small cages in a selife centre – emotional
  • losing light in my house – elctrical
  • Looking at my weding photos – emotional memory

Sophie Joyce and Darren Gunn, Charlotte Gunn Oct 2009.

Being a parent is a powerful thing, your life, emotions and many views on the world change. You suddenly are responsable for another being other than yourself 24/7. Your instincts are powerful tools in caring for the new little bundle and your choices are sometimes dictated by them.



Basically what I wanted to demonstrate is when I primarily think of power I link it heavily with emotions and memories. I think this is because of the my gender, the enviroment I grew up in and my exposure to certain media and texts.

My preference when going to the cinema or renting out a DVD would be a rom com or a preiod drama. My taste in Music is melow and emotional and my choice of fiction texts are romantic heart breakers. So my initial ideas are always going to be affected by the way I am whether this is good or not is another thing.

Food for thought

Richard Billingham – In the seminar today one of the group mentioned work by Richard Billingham, this has prompted me to take a look at the work that propelled him into stardum. It was commented that his recent work was not as interesting or as powerful as his later work.


http://www.designboom.com/eng/funclub/billingham.html – the folowing site shows some of his work and has quotes from Billingham.

Basically Billingham took intimate images of his Mother and Father and family pets, they are normal people and some may think exploited by Billingham as they are the epitamy of what we try not to be or at very least try not to display to the world. I like the work and think that it is very interesting as you get to see moments others wold never usually have access to. It can also be interpreted in very different ways, hence my view it is very powerful.

Billinghams work was part of the Sensation Exhibition in 1997 at the Royal Academy of Art in London, it later moved to Berlin and then on to New York. It featured other Artists such as Damien Hirst and Marcus Harvey.

Damien Hirst is someone many of us will be fermiluar with he has created works of art (although people would disagree with that term relating to some works) that have delighted, educated and disgusted many.


I remember seeing Hirst’s Work on television being strangly facinated but also disgusted. I think I was disgusted in the same fashion that I would be if I was presented with a plate of hagus, I like beef, chicken, lamb and pork but I do not want to se it raw or just beofre it is cooked, slaughter or happily skipping in a meadow right beofre it is dragged to to its death.

Althought I have stated the above I, I find myself to have commonalities with Hirst as I (according to my mother) was a morbid child/teenager facinated with death and dying (possibly because of certain family members sudden deaths and other family memebers reactions to it). I am still facinated about death and have recently found myself watching documentaries on 9/11, the Halocaust etc. I have seen Hirst’s work face to face but did not feel tha same facination as the idea of the work provoked in me. I think for me moving images and sounds create a deeeper connection.

Another artist who exhibited at the Sensation Exhibition was Marcus Harvey.



Marcus Harvey created a controvercial piece of art work called Myra. It was a portraite of the Moors murders Myra Hindley. The image was created by printed handprits of children. One of the victims Mothers of the Moor's Murders aksed for it to be excluded from the exhibition, creating publicity for the exhibition in London. When moving on to Berlin and New York the hype changed to diferent exhibits withint the exhibition.

The hype created in London by this image and the image itself are both very interesting aspects of this piece of work as they are different types of power. The media censation created around this portraite still continues today and is likely to continue into the future with the 2012 olympic promotional video. Emotions are powerful tools both for the person affected by them and the persons manipulating them (through variouse means). Even if the artist was not meaning to manipulate the emotions of the victims families or the nation the exhibit had that affect. This is an interesting idea ot think about manipulating or counting on peoples emotions to create a certain reaction. Other examples of this are the cancer adverts, Road traffic adverts and Childrens protection adverts:






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