Instinct or insite? Project Update


As I previously might have mentioned I have been working a project centred on the spectacle of a local fair with influences coming from peoples work into the idea and technique of painting with light.

I have laso previously mentioned my lack of enthusiams for the project as I have continued with it. I have currently felt uninspired and boared with the concept.

Recently I have been drawn towards other projects but I feel that I have put a lot of time and effort so far into the project and have already gained a lot of ground with it so feel reluctant to just push it aside.

I commented on this to my seminar leader who advised me to go with my instincts, if one project was pulling me then I should explore that which is something I have decided to do, so currently I am working on two projects for one theme??

I am always trying to get comments, suggestions and feedback on my work and the stuff I am bloggin about. I contacted Jonathan Shaw as his work has inspired someone of my work over the last two study years at coventry and also during my year out when I had time to think about the directions I would like to take during my third year.


His work



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