Updated Ideas for Spectacle

Thinking Outside The Box 

 In our first workshop session we were encourage to think outside the box. To the point that we can use spectacle as a starting point but it could lead us to something that is only very losely linked.

 I needed some inspiration, I had already been working towards a project idea that involved looking at painting with light and making a spectacle of an event or object. But I wanted to keep thinking and keep exploring different ideas.

On Sunday 18th I went with my 5 month old Daughter and husband to Warwick Castle for a really fun family day out. Warwick Castle is owned by the Merl group who own other attractions such as Alton Towers and Madam Tusauds. They are very good at entertaining all ages of the family group and so being Halloween I thought this would be a perfect oppertunity to get a little bit of inspiration.



Halloween at Warwick Castle, advertisment for the event - EXCELLENT EVENT ALL SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!
Halloween at Warwick Castle, advertisment for the event – EXCELLENT EVENT ALL SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!


 http://www.warwick-castle.co.uk/entertainment/events-calendar.aspx?css=1&tabname=october (link to the webiste detailing the warwick castle Halloween events)


It was a brillaint day out and really fun for the whole family. Everywhere around the castle were pumpkins some carved nd others were just sittig there. At one point My husband and I strapped my daughter to hs front and decided to walk to the top of the mount, the trail was filled with pumpkins, as we got to the middle of the trail a pumpkin fell fro the top and smashed right in front of us nearly hitting my daughter. We were all fine just had to pick bits of smashed pumpkin from our clothes, but it gave me some reall interesting points of inspiration.

Thinking about the research I have also recently been doing into painting with light I remembered how much fun it was to create a stop motion animation in the first year and I would like to experiement with this medium again.

 I found this youtube post by researching Jack-O-lantern as I wanted to see how people had previously been portraying the image of a pumpkin man and Jack-O-lantern would be the most traditional.


I was really inspired by the short cuts and how it still worked, I know its a music video ad the music carried the piece but it was very interesting to watch it without the sound aswell.

I am thinking of experimenting with stop motion animation making a pumpkin come alive. I have been drawn towards this particular idea because of my visit to Warwick Castle, the Merlin group are brillaint at creating a particular atmosphere and they have a destinctive mark. I have recently been interested in Applying for a Graduate position within the Merlin group and would like to taylor some of my creative work towards this.






Pumpkin alive?? Kepp your mind tuned to this image and then think spectacle!
Pumpkin alive?? Kepp your mind tuned to this image and then think spectacle!


This image is from the following web address, it illistrates the idea of Jack-O-Lantern a Halloween mytology orginally started in Ireland but involving a turnip and not a pumpkin, but the pumpkin slowly developed into the more favoured veggie. http://www.odd-fishing.net/images2/ba-jack-o-lantern.jpg


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