Spectacle Project Action Plan



Project Idea:

Capturing the event of the Banbury fair from a different perspective. I have been loking at the idea of painting with light (will post my research on this in a later blog post but hear is a quick link to illistrate some of the affects you ca create http://www.amateursnapper.com/photography/painting-with-light) and think that capturing the rides and scenes of the fair in this fassion is a unique way of looking at the spectacle.

The idea of painting with light and capturing events in a unique way facinates me and I would like to follow this line of practicale research even if some of my ideas do not work exactly the way I have planned.

I would like to capture sound from the event, sound that will give the viewer of the images a general idea and feel to the event and not carry the images. The sound is to be used to help generate a deeper connection to the images the viewer sees.

What I actualy want to get from the images and sound:

I would like to focus of the patterns that the fair rides make beyond normal vision. I would like the people in the images to seam less important to the spectacle (using a long shutter speed will createa blurred affect of any moving object such as people). I would like to capture sound from different areas of the fair and not specific t each shot. For example I will not be shooting images of the hook-a-duck or strong man attractions but will capture sounds because I beleive they help to create the appropriate atmosphere of the event.


Steps of Action.


Step 1. Wednesday – Go to the location of the event. Take test shots of the area and get an idea of the locations of the rides that you would like to focus on. Take in the atmosphere of the fair and think about the different sound combinations you would like. (day and evening)

step 2. Thursday – On location take sound recordings at different locations both in the evening and day time.

Step 3. Friday – On location take images of different rides, vary the shutter speed to gain approprate image as different rides go at different speeds. Don’t forget ot get a toffee apple.




Currently I am not sure how I want to present these images and want to take more time to research this idea and have a chatt with some of the supporting lectures to get some ideas on presentation. I know that I want the viewer to get an idea of the ambiance of the fair and that I would like the to see the beauty of the light dispalys the rides can create but I am not sure how to best display it.


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