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Third year project



The following three ideas were created over the summer and are lines of interest I am currently following for my third year project. They are listed early on in this blog so that I can post updates on my research and thought process for these ideas. I would also appreciate online feedback from both student collegues, professionals and the general public.

The three ideas are linked and chatergorised by Memory, Power and Spectacle the three themes we are basing our first term research and development around.


Memory – The Family portraite

The idea is to create a multimedia portraite using still and moving images, sound embeded into a web based site.

This would be a portraite for an individual viewer to see an intimate view on a families life.

Have you seen Harry Potter, the moving photographes, the idea takes refernce form this concept of a looping image.

It would have a constructed linear feel to it but also with abstract notions to the movement of the aspects of the memeories with each of the characters in the image.


Spectacle – Imagination

Soemthing I have been interested in doing is basing a project around objects and letting my imagination take over, producing a portraite of the wild side of my imaginaton involving or inspired by this object. Previously in hisotry great painter such as Micheal Anjelo have created amazing works of arts using only there imagination.

This would involved the use of different photography techniques creating different looks using technologies such as photoshop. I would also want to combine the use of sound and moving image to creat an exhibition space where these pieces can be viewed.

Promotion for this particular show would also be part and parcel of the project.


Power – Knowledge is Power

Having access to information is important, being able to understand the information is also very important. After some basic research I have been juggling with the idea of creating an information DVD about pregnancy and labour, with specific topics on the basics, breathing, birthing positions, alternative pain relief and general advice on hot topics from midwifes and health care professionals.

I have already started researching the need for this, by sending out surveys to local women who have just had children, the Midwifery Manager of my local NHS hospital and will be contacting teaching professionals in the midwifery department at Coventry Univeristy.


Please look at the section of this blog called Introduction, brief and aims to better understand the brief for the projects set by the university but also my aims for this year and project. 


I would really appreciate some feedback and advice in relation to these three ideas.


1 Response to “Updates..project idea development”

  1. 1 jw
    October 12, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Immediate reactions –

    Read “After Photoggraphy” by Fred Ritchin

    The shutter speed thing I’d not refer to and consider in terms simply of technique. Look at Jonathan Shaw’s work – how does he describe his extension of the moment depicted ?

    The camera slices moments of reality – perhaps what you’re trying to do is quite different (?) but that’s not clear enough yet and you need to think and work that through with pictures rather than in your head.

    Then look at your work again and consider notions of narrative and narrative structure.

    I think the painterly quality very appealing and would look to increase that – look at the history of my twitter feed and you’ll see a reference to painting with light – this might also be of interest.

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