Major issue!

Submission Deadline


Today is the submission day for this assignemnt and I have had a massive issue, my data stick which I saved new edited images to go into the gallery as I had decided to add more has corupted and the files are unreadable. Usually this would not be an issue, I would have been sensible and made a copy file on my computer or disk but for some reason at midnight when I stopped doing last minute editting I shut down my computer forgetting to back up. The one time that I do this, th one time I forget I end up regretting it. The trouble with this is that I now don’t have time. Thr trouble is I could not make ujp my mind onwhat I was doing.

I am going to have to just leave it and send it in as it is as I do not have time to fix them all.


Evaluation of Final Project and Process

Evaluation of The Project

My final project is a web gallery containing photographic images they are a series called Impressions. A lot of my project looks at the research I have done to gain inspiration for this project. What I have learnt from it is that I am not a practitioner, I am far more interested in the research it takes to make a project. I am facinated by modern artists and documentaries. In doing this project I have experimented with something new for me, something that I was not entierly comfortable with, self nudity. I decided to do this as I wanted to do something unusual in a degree project. For me the project brought up a lot of questions about why I was uncomfortable with the idea of having nud photos of me or anyone else.  I tried to express these feeling through the use of a prolouge which is on the website to accompany the web gallery. I have linked in my 300MC research with my project as it was a strong reason as to why my project developed the way it did.

The photography is very interesting I have tried to use different techniques with the photography to allow each image to stand alone by itself but also to accompnay each other within a series. I have tired to accomplish this by using both monocrome and colour images. I have also used different light techniques to highlight particular elements of certain photographs. Looking back at the photographs now when evaluating them it might have been better if I had created two series of work, one which was all colour and one which was in monocrome. Orginally I felt shooting in monocrome added a softer touch to the images. I wanted to add a softer side to the images because I have been influenced by Ann Geddes work, she creates commerical work creativly staging peoples children in many different senarios from big stages fluffy bunny outfits to the pure and simple image of a small newborn skin to skin in it mother hands or on her back.

My orginal project has developed from a project looking at a range of people scars, photographing and documenting there stories, to looking specifically at scars realting to pregancy and birth to what I have ended up making which is a collection of images of a familys impressions of pysical and emotional changes including pysical scars. I foudn it hard to define what I actually wanted to do so changed the project as I researched more into the artists who inspired me and also found new artists who gave me further inspiration.

My documentation of this project has been jumpy and I will admit I have filled in some missing gaps in the last month or two but I have come from feeling like I was not going to compleet this project to being able to complete it. During this final year I have delt with a child who is under one in hospital, I have been admitted myself, I have been pregnat and given birth to a daughter 6 weeks early. I have also had to go back to work due to financiual reasons before completeing this project and have had to still raise my children whilst completing my degree. I am not trying to make exscuses but I do not want it to be forgotten as if you were a mother in my position who what would you put first, your family through all the above mentioned or your degree?

To make the webgallery I used a programme called Webplus 10 it is a San Serif programme and allows you to deesign webpages in a simlar wasy to dreamweaver. I foudn the programme to be hard to use even after going through hours of tutorials but I stayed with using the programme as I purchased it for home use so wanted to get the most out of it that I could. The main issue I had was that I was unable to figure out how to change the size of the website once I had added all the content as when viewed on certain web brousers it would not display all the text. I had to draw a line under it as I did not have time to finish it and submit my work factoring my work schedule. I ahve added screen shots at the bottom of this page to illistrate what I actually wanted it to look like so you can.

If I could do it all again I would use my family as inspiration from the very begining, I would spend more time trying to figure out the mothod of delivery for the project and would do more test runs of making it work. I might also chose the book method in displaying my work. The book method is something I thought about but I ultimatly wanted something more personal and obtainable. A website allows people to log on and be inspired and interested.

Web blog snap shot images of the web pages in the programme I used to produce them, Web Plus 10.

This is the Index page for the site, It was designed to welcome the person entering the site.

This is the Prologue Page, it was meant to be on the site for the viewers of the site to read and get a feel for the meaning of the site, it incorporates my personal feeling and media theory.

This is the gallery page. The gallery is designed so that the images can be looked through at the pace fo the individuasl viewing it. The advantage of having a web blog is that looking towards the future people may be using electronic portable reading devices simlar to the new Ipad but more affordable.



I have written the prologue to go on the website. It related to my thoughts on my project and links with the 300MC essay I wrote and also with some of the early research for this project. I will add it or you can read it on this screen shot I have of the page in Web plus 10


Gallery Collection

I have almost finished editing the images I want to go within my gallery. The following are the ones I have chosen so far. I have decided that I don’t want it to be a massive gallery because I want people to take time to view each image beofre moving on to the next having to feel rushed.

I am not sure If I am going to add more images, this is something that I am going to work on over the next few days.

Reflecting on these images, my favorite image is the one of the stretch marks, I love how th elight centers and eluminates the exact focus area making it clear where the eye should focus. I would have liked to have shot all my images in this fashion but taking photos during actual moments did not allow me to do this. I think that I would like to pursue this project further in the future focusing on parts of the body using the light to higlight specific areas of the body where bruses or marks are.


Web blog Desgin

Design Idea For The Geb Gallery


I have been doing tutorials on Web plus 10 and have decided it would be a good idea to work from a rough idea of what I want to create. I have learnt you can create a base which is the main background for the whole website. As usual you can then have an index page wich you can then link to other pages which you wish to make in the webpage structure. I have decided to have three pages as I want to keep it as much as a gallery as possible. It has the option to develop it further if I want it to in the future but so far I like the idea of a simplistic approach to the structure and design:

This would be the index page. I have decided that purple/grey and black would be good colours for this site. I am going to use a related image for the header and will Photoshop it into a header and past that as an image on the site.

This will be the Prologue page. I have not added the prologue yet as I have not written it yet, I need time to think about what I want to say and get accross.

This page will be the gallery page. As you can see the header and site navigation buttons will stay the same unchanged to give the site a form of structural consistancy as previously said I want this to simplist and unconfusing for the viewer to use and look at. The more there is to play with the more the viewer will be distracted from really looking at the content.


 The gallery will have a way of moving from one image to another. I have experimented with a few different choices and feel that either a push button movement to allow the viewer choice or a thumbnail view would be best. I have drawn the push button gallery in this view but as I have been preparing this blog I feel that possibly a thumbnail view might be better as the viewer is able to see smaller versions of up and coming images so they can get interested in what they are seeing.


Using Photoshop

Editing Images


I did not really want to have to use Photoshop much on the images I have taken but to get a particular effect I have felt it was nessesary to do so.

This is the image I took which is feature i a previouse blog post:

 I wanted exhentuate the stretch marks and take the focus off the other parts of the body.

I decided to take a look at the light balance within photoshop and was able to change the image to change the focus of the image.

 I can not explain it but I just love this image. The orginal seams harsh and is difficult for me ot look at but this image is amazing.


Web Gallery and Making time for work

Web Gallery

I have decided to use a programme called Web Plus 10, I think I previously mentioned that I would be usingthis programme to make the website. I have decided to use this because I can not travel to Univerisyt due to working committments and my children so I have purchased San Serif Web Plus 10, it only cost me $49.00 as I got it on special offer. I have over the last week been doing web tutorial on it to try and learn the programme and how to make a website. I have stated to fiddle about with templates but also want to try and learn how to get it working from scratch. I have already learnt how to add a web galley and am also currently sorting out which images should go in the gallery.



A major issue I am currently havig is fitting everything in. I have two children under 2, a temp job and am trying to get this univerisyt project finished aswell. I am finding less and less time ot get everything done, I am shattered most of the time and my head feels full of fuzz where I am trying to fit it all together.


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